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🕐 11-1-18 7:08 PMtorralba
Photo 100787
By: paqart
Fantastic !
🕐 11-1-18 7:08 PMtorralba
Photo - 100823
Me encanta esta foto. Siempre me han gustado las fotos fijas que parecen estar en movimiento. Es un estilo que mucho admiro.

Embeded Photo
🕐 11-1-18 3:49 AMitus49
Bernardo Milite One of the most brilliant painters of Rome:
By: itus49
He defines himself as:
Modest talent street painter
Repeatedly humiliated, harassed, executed by the City of Rome. Being a painter has become a nightmare.

Since 1976 I exhibit in Piazza Navona. Since 1984 I have been part of the "100 Painters of via Margutta" Association.
During these years I have gone through various styles and I have proposed myself in six personal, in two installations and various collective.
Being a painter was a choice of freedom: how beautiful the dreams of a twenty-two year old!
🕐 10-25-18 11:30 AMsol
Hôtel National des Invalides
By: sol
Thanks, Gip, Odd, Chris ... thank you for your kindness and generosity with my work! :-)
🕐 10-24-18 12:39 PMsol
By: sol
Thank you very much for your message and for your time, dear friends!! :-)): work inspired by the world of cinema (To (the other side: Real/ fiction)
All the best.
🕐 10-16-18 12:01 AMitus49
Photo 100726
By: n.w.
Excellent response on the sand
🕐 10-9-18 12:56 PMn.w.
Photo: 100715
By: gip
Nice sharp image with good color.
🕐 10-7-18 1:23 AMitus49
Modernity and tradition
By: itus49
The photographed has the hat with the triangles of cloth up, it means that it is unmarried.
🕐 10-6-18 6:07 PMphotosphere42
Photo 100003
Very nice image. Well done!
🕐 09-29-18 2:56 AMitus49
Photo - 100684
By: jme
Excellent black and white, shame about the garbage can in the foreground.
🕐 09-16-18 8:00 AMgip
Walking in the evening in Tiananmen Square
By: itus49
Good light, like the composition,sepia tone and motion blur.
🕐 09-10-18 4:00 PMtorralba
Dali, street of foreigners: craftsman
By: itus49
I like this B&W conversion. Love the blacks and contrast. really makes the photo pop.
🕐 09-9-18 1:44 AMsol
About travel and travelers (12)
By: sol
Thank you very much, Dan! :-)) All the best.
🕐 09-8-18 11:42 AMsol
The executive
By: sol
Thank you very much for your kind words... Odd!!:-) ... you are very kind, I'm glad you like it!! :-)) All the best.
🕐 08-30-18 7:40 AMfalcotto56
The seaside
By: loik
Stupenda composizione. La colorazione acquerello trovo sia fantastica!
🕐 08-27-18 9:03 AMfalcotto56
Photo 100612
Thanks to everyone for the likes!
🕐 08-15-18 9:39 AMmitresg
Two halves
Saw these two wash basins in small shop, still unopened early in the morning. The colour is exquisite, helped by the muted lighting. Thank you.
🕐 08-14-18 11:34 AMchriseeo
Lilly in the rocks
By: gip
Very nice color and composition.
🕐 08-14-18 11:32 AMchriseeo
Photo - 100465
By: gip
Look at this bokeh!
🕐 08-13-18 6:20 PMmitresg
A mad supervisor
The wall pictures are from the recent sequel to “Alice in Wonderland”.
This is, of course, the Mad Hatter, played by the sppoky Johnny Deppe.
The lighting was delicious. I enjoyed the picture-taking and let the tea run cold.
Waited a while for the bartender to get in place.