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🕐 08-9-18 9:05 AMshtarka1
Photo 100574
Nice Jorge
🕐 08-8-18 8:16 AMn.w.
Small one on a Lilly Pad.
By: gip
Interesting image Gip.
Not what you see every day in a photo gallery.
🕐 08-7-18 3:55 AMshtarka1
Photo 57899
By: sol
🕐 08-6-18 1:08 AMitus49
Photo 100556
i'm vey lover cat's
🕐 08-4-18 9:53 AMshtarka1
Photo - 100546
Thanks Brotha!
🕐 08-4-18 9:52 AMshtarka1
Photo - 100548
🕐 08-4-18 3:48 AMmitresg
Cycling in the park
Thank you. Cycling on a road that doesn't have to lead somewhere. Just peddle. How nice.
🕐 08-4-18 3:45 AMmitresg
Thank you. Took me a while - to decide to focus on the background, leaving the two in soft focus.
Seems better than the other way.
🕐 08-4-18 3:43 AMmitresg
At the park
Thank you. I get this feeling of relief, when I step under a well-shaded tree, after walking for a while in the hot sun. Cool-aid?
🕐 08-4-18 3:22 AMshtarka1
Photo 100486
Great Work!!!
🕐 08-4-18 3:20 AMshtarka1
Photo 100523
Excellent Juxtaposition !
🕐 08-4-18 3:20 AMshtarka1
Cat Girl
🕐 08-4-18 3:19 AMshtarka1
Portland. The city that works for you.
Damn Shame. Great Shot, Jorge!
🕐 08-4-18 12:11 AMmitresg
Walking the dogs in the park
Thank you. With manual focus, the challenge was to get the dogs in focus.
🕐 08-3-18 12:58 PMmitresg
Wet stony path
Thank you. That day, after the rain, I decided to do it in colour, as the fallen leaves had added drama to the pic. It was still a dull day.
🕐 08-1-18 3:06 PMmitresg
Street light turned on in Chinatown
Early morning sky at 6am in Chinatown. This is an old tea merchant, importing real tea leaves. The sign is new though - "New Spring Tea Store".
🕐 07-31-18 3:22 PMgip
Photo - 100511
By: heinzx
Like the contrast . Greens are not overly saturated .
🕐 07-28-18 6:14 PMphotosphere42
Jeux à Montmartre
By: sol
Baba Yaga!
🕐 07-26-18 10:51 AMmitresg
Old folks tea break
Thank you. Can you feel the old folks' tea break? Doing it slowly, with deliberation, for tea break is something they do not do to get to something else; it is something they do.
🕐 07-23-18 12:54 PMcancan
This years hatch
By: gip