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A cloudy day
Photo By: mitresg
07-15-18 6:08 AM - Comment by: mitresg
Thank you. There are trees and there are trees. Came out to the carpark, to see this resting on the sky. Lucky to have my 50 Lux.
An encounter
Photo By: mitresg
07-13-18 6:18 PM - Comment by: mitresg
Thank you. A catwalk.
Oued Draa
Photo By: vincent.d
07-13-18 8:53 AM - Comment by: torralba
Intense! Love it!
Music on the ride
Photo By: bwhitcomb1
07-13-18 8:52 AM - Comment by: torralba
Awesome capture tones and lighting. well done.
About travel and travelers (12)
Photo By: sol
07-11-18 2:08 PM - Comment by: cancan
Very nice
the hidden treasures of the courtyards of the Roman palaces
Photo By: itus49
07-10-18 12:16 AM - Comment by: itus49
The watch is one of the two water clocks operating in Rome
Morning low tide
Photo By: mitresg
07-10-18 12:16 AM - Comment by: mitresg
Nice to have the waves lapping the black muddy shore. Must be the tide starting to come in.
An open grassland in the morning sun
Photo By: mitresg
07-10-18 12:13 AM - Comment by: mitresg
Thank you. I have always wanted to capture the mood of a "dull" scene well. If captured right, it can't be bad. Keep trying.
Storm brewing over the refinery
Photo By: mitresg
07-10-18 12:11 AM - Comment by: mitresg
Yeah. I guess. Really should have been more horizontal, in this case. Can't have the ocean water draining out.
Skyward view
Photo By: mitresg
07-9-18 11:56 PM - Comment by: mitresg
Appreciate your comments. The rooftop was full of these cement beams criss-crossing. Wonderful place to shot, when the weather is right. I agree with you about the symmetric triangle. May be I could have tilted the frame (or my head) to shape it that way; however, I might have lost part of the building. Goes back to the fault in the original framing of the shot.
Breakfast at M
Photo By: mitresg
07-9-18 11:45 PM - Comment by: mitresg
Thank you. Small things matter - the woman looking side-way towards the camera, the people at the back faintly discerned. Of course, the colours bland. They came together, by luck.
Photo By: n.w.
07-7-18 12:02 PM - Comment by: torralba
Reminds me of a Seinfeld episode.
Photo - 100360
Photo By: dalth500
07-5-18 5:43 PM - Comment by: torralba
Sweet. Love it. You gotta love the Alfa's.

I am in the middle of restoring my TR6 from the ground up as well. I have a set of brand new triple Weber side drafts 40DC0E's sitting in my garage just waiting to go on :) I buy directly from Pierce manifolds in CA and save a grand :) Waiting on the Falcon stainless exhause system to arrive next. I can't wait!

I will post pictures of it eventually and create a restoration album. If you are ever in West Linn send me a message and maybe you can show me the Alfa :)
Photo By: ken davis
07-3-18 8:14 PM - Comment by: ken davis
Thanks for the comment Jorge. Scout Scar is close to Kendal in the English Lake District. It's to the west of the town and you get great views back to Morecambe Bay, North West to the Lake District and North East into the Yorkshire Dales.
A walk path in the park
Photo By: mitresg
07-1-18 7:12 AM - Comment by: mitresg
Thank you. This is an interesting photo, in my mind. The scene itself was quite plain; it was the silhouette of the branch that enlivened it.
West area code2706
Photo By: sol
06-27-18 4:34 PM - Comment by: photosphere42
SOL, Looks like an old neighborhood. Very interesting. Nice image. PS
Carpark bend
Photo By: mitresg
06-26-18 12:34 AM - Comment by: mitresg
Thank you. Tried not to lose the mirror reflection.
Photo - 100312
Photo By: mitresg
06-26-18 12:26 AM - Comment by: mitresg
Thank you. It wasn't easy to get things aligned while coming down the escalator, especially with the one on the far right.
The pianist is late
Photo By: mitresg
06-24-18 4:36 AM - Comment by: mitresg
Thank you. Today, I was having dinner here. The waiter who had served me, suddenly sat down at the old piano, and played some classical pieces. The piano worked fine, in spite of the abuse.
Photo - 37068
Photo By: torralba
06-20-18 5:03 PM - Comment by: torralba
My little man back then.