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🕐 12-5-18 8:25 AMmindrn
Don't mess with Mr Cat. Not having a good day.
🕐 12-4-18 10:51 PMjwveld
Photo 101066
By: jwveld
Great setting in a jazznight with available light.
🕐 12-4-18 10:35 PMruppel
Photo 101008
By: ruppel
🕐 12-4-18 11:27 AMshtarka1
Photo 101043
Vinny!!!! My Brotha!!!
🕐 12-3-18 6:18 PMshtarka1
Photo 100994
Thanks Jorge!
🕐 12-3-18 4:16 PMwenceslao
Photo 100981
Wife gave it to me a few Christmases ago, i enjoy the small body size and like you said , the great lens.
🕐 12-3-18 11:13 AMn.w.
The reflections of Piazza Navona after a rainy night
By: itus49
Nice image.
🕐 11-30-18 10:08 AMtorralba
Photo - 100794
By: ruppel
I find this to be a very presentable nude image. Non provocative but still captures your attention. Love the lighting and tones.
🕐 11-30-18 9:42 AMtorralba
By: rkh
Great shot and expression. Well captured. Would love to see a true B&W version just for comparison.
🕐 11-29-18 8:53 AMn.w.
Photo - 100941
No problem. Just an observation. It is a very good image.
🕐 11-28-18 10:00 AMmitresg
Photo 100933
Thank you. I was literally leaning out of my car window at the traffic light to take the shot. Liked the line convergence and the glean.
🕐 11-26-18 12:09 AMitus49
Photo 100927
By: n.w.
🕐 11-11-18 10:35 AMtorralba
Photo 100264
Incredible. You certainly captured something for the archives.
🕐 11-11-18 10:34 AMtorralba
the meet....again
Great shot. Makes me feel like I am there. Very real.
🕐 11-10-18 2:35 AMsol
By: sol
Thank you very much for your message, Geoff!! :-) All the best
🕐 11-9-18 2:57 AMchriseeo
Lisa at the park
By: rkh
Sweet little thing!
🕐 11-9-18 1:56 AMchriseeo
rue de Ponthieu
By: loik
Very clever and effective setup.
🕐 11-8-18 10:21 PMbrianbryan
Photo - 100772
Thank you - on behalf of God, who provided the setup, and the season which in turn provided the colours . . . I brought my A7rII, Noct 0,95 wide open for the bokeh, and a little extension ring. The Noct is normally not exactly suited for closeups - with 1m minimum distance.
🕐 11-8-18 2:18 PMchriseeo
'Caught a Mood
By: rkh
One can spot good film creations. Can you give us dev particulars?
🕐 11-1-18 8:57 PMpaqart
Photo 100790
By: paqart
Thanks Jorge, it is appreciated! I just moved to NY to become a full-time photographer, so wish me luck!