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Photo by pphuang
🕐 02-25-24 17:44JT wrote:
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Photo by jalle
🕐 02-25-24 14:36JT wrote:
Awesome 👌

Great DOF, processing and light.
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Katerini 2008
Photo by markman8
🕐 02-23-24 07:16JT wrote:
Like the in the moment feel of this.
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Porter, Emei Mountain, Sichuan
Photo by leika
🕐 01-13-24 11:58JT wrote:
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Favorite toy...
Photo by ricos_escape
🕐 12-29-23 09:58JT wrote:
The cowboy riding into the sunset :) Love it!
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In Memoriam
Photo by oddgeir
🕐 12-29-23 09:55JT wrote:
This is awesome lighting. Well done!
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Photo by ced
🕐 11-12-23 18:20JT wrote:
Wow. Was the sky really like this or did you post process? Amazing rolling waves :) Love it!
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Romeo & Juliet by Goh Choo San
🕐 11-09-23 21:50JT wrote:
I just saw this under photos generating discussion and I can see why. Awesome!
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"The look"
🕐 10-04-23 15:42JT wrote:
I need to comment again. This is such a classic and awesome example of street photography. Everyone here just has a unique look that makes this image so good.

Well done!
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Photo 100123
Photo by nikkor105
🕐 09-18-23 16:56JT wrote:
Like the colors here