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About JT

Getting older but still enjoying photography. Although I made a career in the IT industry, in my younger days photography was my gig. From being a stringer for UPI to weddings and events. I shot just about anything.

Fast forward and now I apply my IT skills to help create and keep this community of photographers here on AG2SI using softeware created by yours truly. I often wonder if anything will ever come of this. I have spent many years building the site and software from the original images sites like nikonimages.com , leicaimages.com and zeissimages.com

After consolidating all of the above sites and a few others into Ag2Si.com as a more photocentric rather than brand centric site, I wonder if that was a mistake or not. On the plus side, we can see a lot more from many others. On the negative side of things, there is a thing to be said about brand loyalty and followers. Regardless, of your way of looking at things, I created and made mods that will please both.

Having said all of that, I welcome all of you, your feedback and photos here so we can grow our community.

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