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Sleeping in Rio, Brazil
This photo is featured in the Hall of Fame.

This Hall of Fame photo was taken by featured photographer Stephen B. It was selected for it's exceptional artistic and image qualities.

The photograph was taken with a Leica SUMMILUX 50mm f1.4 ASPH. To see more photos from Stephen B please visit the gallery by clicking here.

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CV 25 mm / F 4,0 Color Skopar Pancake

Alan Turing

On 2015-10-13 Handgun wrote:

Slate Statue at Bletchley Park (the founder of the computer)

DC Vario-Elmarit 1:2.8/4.5-108 ASPH

Monteleone Of Spoleto: The Fortress

On 2015-10-13 Gip wrote:

Very nice image. Like your choice of contrast and perspective.

Leica ELMARIT 28mm f2.8

Wizard At Ion

On 2015-10-13 Mitresg wrote:

Thank you. The light was right. If too strong or too dim, we would not get those reflection. The designer of that building had it all worked out. Even so, it still took me several shots to get it right.

Lens model not set

Photo: 52704

On 2015-10-13 Akemi-m wrote:

Italo - Thank you for taking time to view my images and for your 'Like'!

Leica SUMMILUX 50mm f1.4 ASPH

Pacific Rim - Bc - Canada

On 2015-10-12 Mitresg wrote:

Curious tree on top of the island.

Lens model not set

Shot With Moved Camera 2

On 2015-10-12 Gip wrote:

My pick of the group.

Lens model not set

Photo: 52725

On 2015-10-12 Northwest wrote:

Very good composition.

Lens model not set

Photo: 52736

On 2015-10-12 Mitresg wrote:

Cat nap.

Leica SUMMICRON 50mm f2

Garden Path

On 2015-10-12 Mitresg wrote:

Thank you very much. One of the most abundant object, beside plants, in our Botanic Garden is staircase. Means common. This pic appeals to me - colour, shape - although I can't really explain. Glad you like it.

DC Vario-Elmarit 1:2.8/4.5-108 ASPH

Photo: 52683

On 2015-10-12 Itus49 wrote:

Un verdadero estilo impresionista.
Me encanta

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