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Photo 316354
Photo by jean-ber52
🕐 07-01-11 07:39beatricehom wrote:
very nice!
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Family Joy at catching me out Kolkata Station
Photo by snaprat
🕐 05-19-11 23:38beatricehom wrote:
great shot!
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Cerisiers en Fleurs 2
Photo by jean-ber52
🕐 05-18-11 01:32beatricehom wrote:
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Vieux bancs de mon village 30300 Vallabrègues (Gard) France
Photo by jean-ber52
🕐 05-18-11 01:30beatricehom wrote:
great lighting and composition!
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Photo 315662
Photo by saintotto
🕐 05-02-11 16:20beatricehom wrote:
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Photo 315667
Photo by saintotto
🕐 05-02-11 16:19beatricehom wrote:
Love this!!
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Photo 315663
Photo by saintotto
🕐 05-02-11 16:16beatricehom wrote:
Great shot!
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Memory of Stieglitz, 1903
Photo by f 1.4
🕐 04-27-11 09:22beatricehom wrote:
Fantastic indeed!
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Photo 314755
Photo by markarmenante
🕐 04-09-11 17:01beatricehom wrote:
excellent DOF. love the color and the light! what time of the day was this taken?
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Photo by beatricehom
🕐 04-06-11 21:04beatricehom wrote:
thanks Sol!
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