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🕐 05-27-18 8:02 PMtorralba
an old town near Beijing
Love it !
🕐 05-24-18 4:00 PMgmanp
Day One
By: gmanp
sol Thanks so much
🕐 05-24-18 2:43 PMtorralba
Photo 100044
By: gip
Is that something edible? hmmm. :)
🕐 05-24-18 1:06 PMshtarka1
Staying in the shade.
🕐 05-24-18 3:36 AMwaeshael
Photo 100028
Hi OM: I am in UK to shoot a wedding (brothers) tomorrow. I decided to bring three LC5s, a SONY NEX and an old FZ5 because of its zoom and Leica Elmarit lens. I expect that most of the shots will be with the LC5. I left all the heavy cameras at home due to weight limits of carry on (22 lbs for all cameras and computers combined.) Wx so far is sunny. Spent a week in Barcelona so may post a few of them. I talked with Dave Little a bit. He is shooting Ilford film with a IIIg, and digital with M-8 as backup. He says Kodak is going to produce Ektachrome in USA. I may dust off my M-6!
🕐 05-23-18 8:18 AMshtarka1
Photo 100037
Thanks JT!
🕐 05-23-18 7:59 AMtorralba
Southern Exmoor
My wife will get homesick if she see this.
🕐 05-23-18 3:23 AMgip
Photo 100035
By: heinzx
Nice capture. I have tried to catch one in flight,but no luck to date. Not many nature photos with this camera and lense. Shoot some more please.
🕐 05-23-18 2:45 AMshtarka1
Photo - 64919
Cool Cat & Shot!
🕐 05-23-18 2:43 AMshtarka1
The unseen man
🕐 05-23-18 2:43 AMshtarka1
Photo - 100019
🕐 05-23-18 2:34 AMshtarka1
Freddy Saxby
Thanks Cancan!
🕐 05-22-18 9:58 PMcancan
Rabbit brush, plain and simple
Very nice
🕐 05-22-18 9:46 PMtorralba
Photo 22866
By: johntp
He can do it. I know he can :)

Great shot and moment well captured.
🕐 05-22-18 9:41 PMcancan
Photo 62615
By: sol
Very nice like always
🕐 05-22-18 9:40 PMcancan
The directions of life
By: ninni
Very nice
🕐 05-14-18 5:36 PMmitresg
We are on sale
Thank you. I tried to capture the wide range of rich black to white.
🕐 05-12-18 7:15 PMphotosphere42
Photo 65094
Lens: NIKKOR 50mm 1:2.
🕐 05-12-18 2:29 AMmitresg
A sunken sampan
Thank you. It had seen its days, now forgotten.
🕐 05-11-18 5:44 PMphotosphere42
Got it!
Lens: NIKKOR 50mm 1:2.