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🕐 03-26-18 1:23 AMmitresg
Love and Fun available
Thank you. I hope you don't mind the high grain - tough love.
🕐 03-24-18 6:47 AMn.w.
White coats
Good old fashion photo look. Nice to see images like this
🕐 03-23-18 6:15 AMmitresg
Walking in a dull morning
Thank you. It was dull sky and the path was sullen and brooding.
🕐 03-23-18 6:14 AMmitresg
A scenic path in the Garden
Thank you. I had to shoot fast to catch these 2 at the right point.
🕐 03-23-18 4:48 AMheinzx
Open doors without boards
By: heinzx
It is not a big problem to get rid of the boards.
🕐 03-23-18 4:10 AMitus49
Open house day - open doors
By: heinzx
Too bad for the right wing, it would have been better not to have those boards on that wall
🕐 03-20-18 2:41 PMn.w.
Waiting for Spring
By: laowai
The title fits the image well. B&W also brings it that waiting look.
🕐 03-19-18 2:11 PMn.w.
Small Alligator catching some morning light
By: gip
You can keep your alligators in your area. I'll stick with grizzly bears.
🕐 03-17-18 5:01 PMmitresg
I suppose they are bicycles, with identical boxes? Try to imagine what it would be like in B&W. May be better with color.
🕐 03-17-18 8:45 AMmitresg
A bannister
Thank you. The piece of translucent glass separator and the glowing background light made a difference, I think.
🕐 03-16-18 7:22 AMmitresg
By: heinzx
Nice Leica Color.
🕐 03-16-18 1:52 AMmitresg
Open-air night dining
Thank you. It is scary, when I look at the noise on the white tables; no noise reduction could make a dent. May be shooting at ISO3200, this is something unavoidable and must be taken into account.
🕐 03-12-18 8:08 PMphotosphere42
Lens: Nikon NIKKOR-S Auto 1:1.2 f=55mm.
🕐 03-12-18 6:11 PMmitresg
Temple in early morning
Thank you. The top, small placard proclaims that the temple teaches the correct doctrine. They all do. The bottom placard, proclaims that it holds a Buddha relic. For me, I just tried to get sharpness and correct exposure.
🕐 03-11-18 3:58 PMn.w.
By: gip
Interesting image Gip.
The toning works well.
🕐 03-11-18 3:55 PMn.w.
Tree Spirits
By: rsd
Nice detail
🕐 03-9-18 12:39 PMced
Flight of Stairs, Caltagirone, Sicily
🕐 03-7-18 7:30 PMmitresg
What is on the menu?
Thank you. The ladies checked the menu; the little girl was aghast at the price.
🕐 03-5-18 8:08 PMmitresg
An indoor children's playground
Thank you. This cafe caters to parties; there are outdoor/indoor playgrounds. First thing that struck me was the high contrast between outdoor and indoor; second thing was the wooden horse staring at the same game I was staring at. I just wanted to get all that.
🕐 03-4-18 1:38 AMmitresg
A back alley scene
Thank you. I was attracted by the van's metallic roof, and the lines. The 2 guys, I had to wait.