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mitresg - 07-9-18 11:56 PM
Appreciate your comments. The rooftop was full of these cement beams criss-crossing. Wonderful place to shot, when the weather is right. I agree with you about the symmetric triangle. May be I could have tilted the frame (or my head) to shape it that way; however, I might have lost part of the building. Goes back to the fault in the original framing of the shot.
itus49 - 07-9-18 11:40 PM
I quite like the geometric symmetry you have given by cutting the frame with the elle of the grider of cement, in turn generating two symmetrical triangles, one in the upper right corner and one at the base of the photo on the right of the same area. Too bad the first is two-colored, due to the sky and the gride of cement. Perhaps there are too many elements and a left-most cut eliminating the portion of the abovementioned area would have been more effective and less distracting.


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Skyward view

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