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🕐 03-25-24 14:12JT wrote:
awesome shot! caught by surprise.
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Photo 100123
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🕐 09-18-23 16:56JT wrote:
Like the colors here
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Photo 100112
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🕐 09-08-23 08:45JT wrote:
interesting shot. really set mod. I like it.
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Photo 404022
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🕐 12-01-22 08:13photosphere42 wrote:
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Photo 403717
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🕐 01-29-22 07:11nikkor105 wrote:
Fort Hancock, Sandy Hook, NJ
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Photo - 103152
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🕐 07-11-21 13:46n.w. wrote:
Nice image. The x-vario is a capable camera.
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Photo - 106745
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🕐 11-21-20 20:49photosphere42 wrote:
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Photo 321967
Photo by nikkor105
🕐 05-30-18 04:22waeshael wrote:
It is as if the lone visitor is being observed by all stationary objects in the room. An illustration about loneliness perhaps. Of course it must have resonated with Sol as it is one of her themes also, It is a very good picture.
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Photo 347465
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🕐 01-28-15 23:13lilia wrote:
Wonderful, natural capture.
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Photo 346096
Photo by nikkor105
🕐 08-31-14 21:08lilia wrote:
Simply lovely!