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Photo 339531
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🕐 01-07-14 01:44elliebelle wrote:
me too JT - love how the shadows add a little more as well…..:)
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Photo 30765
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🕐 12-13-13 07:00ramontorralba wrote:
Thanks Mike
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Photo 339574
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🕐 12-09-13 09:37ramontorralba wrote:
I wouldn't know. All I remember was the fuel tank having the Triumph name.
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Photo 339570
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🕐 12-09-13 09:32ramontorralba wrote:
Waeshael, yes. All my photos here on Leica Images were taken this past Friday in the Wynwood District of Miami using a Leica X Vario loaned to me during Leica's X Vario City Challenge. This particular image was shot on the corner of NW 2 Ave and NW 24 St.
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Photo 339573
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🕐 12-09-13 08:18waeshael wrote:
Five or six seconds earlier and the timing would have been perfect. Can you get the brunette to walk through the scene again?
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Photo 339569
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🕐 12-09-13 03:21ramontorralba wrote:
Thank you, Sol. Your description helps me see the image better. If only the challenge allowed submission of your favorite 2 or 3. I ended up choosing 39531. Your work is awesome! Thanks again.
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Soap Co. Graffiti Artists
Photo by ramontorralba
🕐 12-08-13 12:46ramontorralba wrote:
Waeshael, yes, nice guys out of L.A their wall art was on the other side of the red car.
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🕐 12-08-13 06:59ramontorralba wrote:
Thank you! I was fortunate to be loaned an X Vario and it's optical viewfinder for four hours this past friday as part of Leica X Vario Challenge. All the shots were taken in the Wynwood area of Miami. I really liked the camera, especially the ability to look down instead of straight through the flip-up viewfinder. This really helped me in getting closer to people on the street. A few of the shots I posted are not tack sharp because I accidentally moved the focus ring off its AF setting. I have to pick one image as my contest submission, and it must be in before midnight tonight. If you could only pick one from this group, which would you pick? Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again.
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Photo 339537
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🕐 12-08-13 03:40ced wrote:
Ramon Torralba, Now wonder what gives here!? Love it!
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Photo 339538
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🕐 12-08-13 03:39ced wrote:
Ramon Torralba, This scene is probably the same around the globe, and it takes many forms depending on what part of the car contributes to their livelihood. Nice!