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Photo 361723
Photo by gip
🕐 07-10-23 09:15JT wrote:
Wow. This looks magical. I want to go there :)
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Bryce Canyon Utah
Photo by gip
🕐 02-11-23 18:52JT wrote:
This looks cold. I get chilled just looking at it.

Today it has been nice here in the PNW. But I am sure we will see days like this too.

I like the way the flakes look.
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Amish Birders
Photo by gip
🕐 09-13-22 16:34photosphere42 wrote:
Nice image!
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Photo 403895
Photo by gip
🕐 06-17-22 12:52photosphere42 wrote:
Very nice, well done GIP!
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Photo 403886
Photo by gip
🕐 06-05-22 20:24photosphere42 wrote:
Absolutely exquisite!
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Photo 403795
Photo by gip
🕐 03-25-22 10:44photosphere42 wrote:
Nice image.
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Photo by gip
🕐 11-02-20 11:48chriseeo wrote:
Lovely flower.
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Blue Winged Teal
Photo by gip
🕐 02-01-20 11:24n.w. wrote:

You're killing me with these great images.
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Sandhill Cranes
Photo by gip
🕐 01-12-20 12:46n.w. wrote:
This image is just great. It's almost surreal. Sure wish I was taging along on your photo excursion. Guess I'm just jealous.
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Snow Geese , New Mexico
Photo by gip
🕐 01-07-20 08:52n.w. wrote:
You sure pulled off a great shot. This image is outstanding!