Comments for Peter Rene Jensen

🕐 04-7-15 1:27 PMpr_aero
Mercedes Benz 230 SL, Tekno
Thanks tclai and handgun for respons. This lense has always been a joy to use, always. /pr
🕐 03-31-15 5:25 PMtclair
Mercedes Benz 230 SL, Tekno
Nice and sharp!
🕐 11-8-14 7:44 AMpr_aero
Photo 46848
Thanks Ken & Lilia for viewing and commenting, regards /pr
🕐 11-3-14 2:03 PMken davis
Photo 46848
What a fascinating combination, an 'ultimate' performing lens and a sensor that if used properly acts like a large format capturing device!!! This shows how well the combination can wotk and it's a smashing portrait too!!
🕐 10-24-14 7:25 AMlilia
Photo 46848
Wonderful capture of a beautiful lady.
🕐 10-24-14 7:21 AMlilia
Thailand 2013
What a sweet face! Beautifully captured.
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