Comments for Yunos Abdul Rahman

🕐 05-9-15 7:06 PMyunosar
Yulong River, China
Thank you. The place is so gorgeous you will have plenty of scenes like this.
🕐 05-9-15 10:47 AMgip
Yulong River, China
Super image. Really like the low contrast. You used the water well in the composition.
🕐 04-12-15 4:09 AMgip
Pantai Kelanang, Selangor, Malaysia
Very nice.
🕐 01-27-15 8:56 AMJT
Click Click Angkor Wat!
This is a most excellent photograph and excellent control of DOF.
🕐 01-26-15 9:01 PMtclair
Click Click Angkor Wat!
Love this one!!!!
🕐 01-26-15 2:09 PMlilia
Click Click Angkor Wat!
A wonderful tongue-in-cheek commentary about today's "photographers".
🕐 12-22-14 6:01 PMsouth bird
The Royal Mile
Great use of the blue hour.
🕐 12-21-14 9:36 AMgip
Light Trails to the Big Ben
This is my favorite of the group.
🕐 12-19-14 10:53 AMyunosar
thank you!
🕐 12-18-14 10:14 AMgip
Like your composition.
🕐 12-18-14 10:13 AMgip
The Kilt Rock
Wow I like this spot.
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