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Photo 613663
🕐 05-15-23 19:27photosphere42 wrote:
Nice image.
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Photo - 613419
🕐 04-12-23 09:51JT wrote:
Love these old WWII Bombers! I need to get out to Evergreen and look at their collection again. They even have the Spruce Goose there.
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Photo 613404
🕐 03-10-23 17:23JT wrote:
I don't see the apes
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Photo 403806
🕐 04-13-22 06:38photosphere42 wrote:
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Photo 403811
🕐 04-13-22 06:36photosphere42 wrote:
Nice image.
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B&W Flower
🕐 07-10-15 09:24ranahki wrote:
The photo evokes a very typical rainy day feeling.
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Photo 309213
🕐 05-16-12 08:03gerryfig wrote:
Beautiful and weird Mono Lake in California. Like it!
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Photo 309212
🕐 06-07-11 19:05akemi-n wrote:
Very impressive! Great timing.
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Photo 309292
🕐 05-02-11 05:26rfunnell wrote:
Thats great love it
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Photo 309211
🕐 11-26-10 09:58Bill Blackwell wrote:
Chriseeo: What an eye you have! I didn't even notice those - now that you have me looking I see two more at the bottom left of the screen. No issues, just a dirty sensor.
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