Comments for Bill Schneider

🕐 06-5-18 8:27 AMJT
Gray Wolf
Would love to see a larger version of this. Would be my desktop :)
🕐 11-20-15 7:05 AMnorthwest
Old Jake
Hello Gip.
Power outage over the past two nights. The woodstove saved the day.
🕐 11-20-15 3:12 AMgip
Old Jake
I bet old Bill is sitting on the second row. It's suppose to be frosty here in the morning. Can't wait!!!!!
🕐 01-1-15 7:32 PMlilia
Seasons Greetings
Very lovely!

Best regards to you and yours for the New Year.

🕐 12-30-14 4:46 AMgip
In Flight
I have been trying to shoot some flyers. So I know the challenge. Good thing I am not using film.
🕐 12-29-14 1:58 PMchriseeo
In Flight
Breathtaking! Excellent color and composition.
🕐 12-29-14 9:18 AMlilia
In Flight
Stunning! Especially like the vignetting to emphasize the eagle's grace in flight.
🕐 12-17-14 8:42 AMlilia
Out on A Limb
🕐 12-16-14 5:09 AMnorthwest
Out on A Limb
Gip & Handgun, thank you.
Gip, I'm lucky living along the birds winter migration route. I'll see over a hundred eagles at the local lake before they continue south in January.
🕐 12-15-14 4:20 PMgip
Out on A Limb
Beautiful bird. Rare bird in my part of the world.
🕐 12-5-14 10:19 PMlilia
Tree Swallow
Timing is everything in life......

Well done!
🕐 12-5-14 10:18 PMlilia
While hiking in Glacier National Park I had the feeling I was being watched. (you know the feeling) I stopped and looked around
Yeah, I get that all the time in Manhattan, only thing is we call it "stalking."
Prefer yours better!
🕐 12-5-14 10:15 PMlilia
Saint Mary Lake
Love the reflections.
🕐 12-5-14 10:14 PMlilia
Heart of The Rockies
The majesty of mountains.
🕐 12-5-14 10:10 PMlilia
Oregon Coast
So beautiful!
🕐 12-5-14 7:29 PMmistahlee
Snowman not a good Scarecrow
Evocative. No need to have titled this shot.
🕐 12-2-14 4:56 PMlilia
Looking To The Sea
Either you're being very modest, or not aware of what talent you have.
This is simply, quietly beautiful!
🕐 12-1-14 7:22 PMgip
Looking To The Sea
Like the horizontal lines of the waves and the horizon across the diagonal opening. Draws the eye to the horizon.
🕐 12-1-14 3:32 PMnorthwest
Looking To The Sea
Thank you very much.
I was not sure if it was good enough to post.
🕐 12-1-14 3:10 PMhandgun
Looking To The Sea
I like this very much, beautiful tones.
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