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Photo 402771
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🕐 02-21-22 16:16photosphere42 wrote:
Nice image.
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Photo 400933
Photo by mitresg
🕐 11-28-18 10:00mitresg wrote:
Thank you. I was literally leaning out of my car window at the traffic light to take the shot. Liked the line convergence and the glean.
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Two halves
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🕐 08-15-18 09:39mitresg wrote:
Saw these two wash basins in small shop, still unopened early in the morning. The colour is exquisite, helped by the muted lighting. Thank you.
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A mad supervisor
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🕐 08-13-18 18:20mitresg wrote:
The wall pictures are from the recent sequel to “Alice in Wonderland”.
This is, of course, the Mad Hatter, played by the sppoky Johnny Deppe.
The lighting was delicious. I enjoyed the picture-taking and let the tea run cold.
Waited a while for the bartender to get in place.
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Cycling in the park
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🕐 08-04-18 03:48mitresg wrote:
Thank you. Cycling on a road that doesn't have to lead somewhere. Just peddle. How nice.
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Photo by mitresg
🕐 08-04-18 03:45mitresg wrote:
Thank you. Took me a while - to decide to focus on the background, leaving the two in soft focus.
Seems better than the other way.
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Walking the dogs in the park
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🕐 08-04-18 00:11mitresg wrote:
Thank you. With manual focus, the challenge was to get the dogs in focus.
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Wet stony path
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🕐 08-03-18 12:58mitresg wrote:
Thank you. That day, after the rain, I decided to do it in colour, as the fallen leaves had added drama to the pic. It was still a dull day.
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Street light turned on in Chinatown
Photo by mitresg
🕐 08-01-18 15:06mitresg wrote:
Early morning sky at 6am in Chinatown. This is an old tea merchant, importing real tea leaves. The sign is new though - "New Spring Tea Store".
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Old folks tea break
Photo by mitresg
🕐 07-26-18 10:51mitresg wrote:
Thank you. Can you feel the old folks' tea break? Doing it slowly, with deliberation, for tea break is something they do not do to get to something else; it is something they do.