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boots and violin
Photo by marcobia
🕐 05-07-13 11:13JT wrote:
Wonderful. Love the light not to mention, you gotta love that film :)
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bye bye mum
Photo by marcobia
🕐 02-28-12 07:39cancan wrote:
good but sad. reminds me of my father
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musical moments
Photo by marcobia
🕐 06-03-11 09:42JT wrote:
So intense!
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the pause
Photo by marcobia
🕐 03-17-11 04:39marcobia wrote:
thank you Carlos, I just play my camera, but I'am allowed to stay in the middle of th orchestra - cheers! -marco
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sax & guitar
Photo by marcobia
🕐 03-14-11 05:37carlos wrote:
Well done Marco.
This image is featured in the "rfImages of the week" thread.

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Cello pause
Photo by marcobia
🕐 02-17-11 09:02JT wrote:
Beautiful image. I love the angle and texture of this image.