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🕐 09-04-23 20:391clickbeyond wrote:
I use to have the Fuji TX-2 which was pretty much the same camera. I too sold it a while back and now that I saw your posted story, it makes me think I should have kept it.

BTW, thanks for sharing.
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🕐 07-26-23 00:34JT wrote:
1clickbeyond wrote:
Definitely has that cool dude look. Great capture.

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Girl with mask.
Photo by JT
🕐 04-09-23 20:01JT wrote:
Covid 19 fashion
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Photo - 613493
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🕐 04-01-23 23:421clickbeyond wrote:
You can't go wrong with these B&W tones.
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🕐 03-16-23 20:081clickbeyond wrote:
Wow. Powerful!
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Photo - 100195
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🕐 02-24-23 19:53JT wrote:
thanks man!
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🕐 02-20-23 19:401clickbeyond wrote:
Wow. Powerful!
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Photo 401839
Photo by JT
🕐 06-23-22 10:07freya wrote:
Looks like she has a point o make.
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The unseen man
Photo by JT
🕐 11-27-19 16:05JT wrote:
Sad. So many people like this in Portland.
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Photo 402102
Photo by JT
🕐 10-21-19 10:39photosphere42 wrote:
Nice image.
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