Comments by Tim Barker

🕐 02-24-11 3:04 PMtbarker13
Photo 5692
Thanks. I wish I did too. But when I had both the summicron and the planar, I thought the planar was better. So i sold the cron. Maybe I just had a bad copy. Perhaps I'll try again some day.....
🕐 12-25-10 8:37 PMtbarker13
Photo 10959
Nikkor 50/2 ltm
🕐 12-25-10 8:37 PMtbarker13
Photo 10960
Nikkor 50/2 ltm
🕐 12-25-10 8:37 PMtbarker13
Photo 10961
Nikkor 50/2 ltm
🕐 12-25-10 8:36 PMtbarker13
Photo 10963
Nikkor 50/2 ltm
🕐 11-28-10 7:46 PMtbarker13
Photo 9632
Shot on Tri-X, with a nikkor 50/2 ltm. Still working out the kinks in film scanning.

🕐 10-15-10 5:17 PMtbarker13
Photo 5895
I'm very happy with this lens. I was a little worried about talk of softness at wide apertures. It may not be as crisp, but it's still very nice. And great for portraits.
I've gone through a lot of telephotos. But this one is my keeper.
🕐 10-12-10 5:30 PMtbarker13
Photo 5579
Too funny Brian. What you can't see very well is that the lens mounted on the camera is the J3 that you worked on. So there's a two-part contribution by you in this shot.
popflash photo

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