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Summer days
Photo by c_polana
🕐 07-19-17 09:56c_polana wrote:
Many thanks for the kind likes
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Photo by c_polana
🕐 03-04-17 01:57c_polana wrote:
Many thanks for the kind Likes
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Photo 349736
Photo by sol
🕐 10-31-16 11:11c_polana wrote:
Lovely capture, and...the old D-lux 4 stil amazes in the right conditions. I now own as well the XVario with its amazing lens, but the D-lux is the one I pick most of the time. You do superb work with it. Best wishes Sol
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Window and figure
Photo by c_polana
🕐 10-16-16 13:38c_polana wrote:
Many thanks for the "likes" and comment.
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Justine/ Window
Photo by friedeye
🕐 10-16-16 01:46c_polana wrote:
Very good
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Photo by c_polana
🕐 03-24-16 14:53c_polana wrote:
My thanks for the positive appreciations
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Photo 344948
Photo by sol
🕐 12-12-15 12:27c_polana wrote:

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Photo by c_polana
🕐 10-23-15 06:34c_polana wrote:
Many thanks for your "likes" and comments!
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A Passing Beauty
Photo by oddgeir
🕐 10-09-15 09:25c_polana wrote:
In my 78th I still am as well! Lovely photo.
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Genova @ 08/2015
Photo by pzeco
🕐 08-17-15 02:24c_polana wrote:
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