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NW beauty under the lights
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🕐 11-16-15 13:44nwphil wrote:
Thanks you both - if ever visiting Oregon, aim to be at some great POV 's from the east side - aka high desert, or Christmas Valley area ( know for the best sunsets ever, everyday) The previous day the reds were even more intense, but I was far away from any worthy viewing spot.
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On Fire...
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🕐 11-10-15 14:39nwphil wrote:
Thanks AJ - yes, and the light was changing fast. This POV was "found" at last minute - pun intended.
After half dozen shots the color was gone
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Photo 545390
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🕐 10-22-15 14:09nwphil wrote:
:) thanks guys
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Photo 545387
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🕐 10-22-15 14:08nwphil wrote:
:) Thanks eriver
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Crater Lake dressed for Xtmas
Photo by nwphil
🕐 02-17-15 14:49nwphil wrote:
Thanks for selecting my photo - was quite an adventure to circumnavigate the crater on snowshoes while pulling a sled; we were blessed with 4 out 5 sunshine days