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Photo 402420
Photo by louster
🕐 01-22-20 19:29gip wrote:
My favorite shot of the group. I am more of a nature photographer but I enjoy viewing street photography.
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Photo 401933
Photo by n.w.
🕐 07-30-19 19:20gip wrote:
Bill good feather detail and composition .
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Photo - 100511
Photo by heinzx
🕐 07-31-18 15:22gip wrote:
Like the contrast . Greens are not overly saturated .
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Photo 400035
Photo by heinzx
🕐 05-23-18 03:23gip wrote:
Nice capture. I have tried to catch one in flight,but no luck to date. Not many nature photos with this camera and lense. Shoot some more please.
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Seats and shadows
Photo by heinzx
🕐 02-21-18 04:21gip wrote:
Like the shadows under the chairs they add to the repetition theme.
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Photo by hasse58
🕐 10-01-17 04:41gip wrote:
See your back on my side of the pond. Like the shallow dof.
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Rain forest
Photo by dalth500
🕐 02-11-17 15:06gip wrote:
That's a nice spot Dalton. Like the highlights on the moss.
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Photo by valter
🕐 02-05-17 06:02gip wrote:
Some days there is nothing better than simply sitting in a warm sunny spot.
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Seed pods
Photo by gip
🕐 02-01-17 04:28gip wrote:
I believe sycamore.
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Useless - but pretty
Photo by heinzx
🕐 12-31-16 18:08gip wrote:
Like this one Heinz. Technique works well on this subject.