Comments by Bill Schneider

🕐 05-31-19 3:30 PMn.w.
Photo - 101047
Fine looking animal.
🕐 05-26-19 12:55 PMn.w.
Black Bellied Whistler
By: gip
Really good image.
🕐 04-28-19 3:55 PMn.w.
Kings Cross station
Nice sharp image. It's all about the detail.
🕐 04-19-19 11:17 AMn.w.
By: peco
Nice image.
🕐 01-8-19 10:19 AMn.w.
By: n.w.
He never left in some ways. This gentleman is a native resident of Monument Valley. It's his way of life.
🕐 12-3-18 11:15 AMn.w.
Photo 100981
The x-2 sure has a fine lens.
🕐 12-3-18 11:13 AMn.w.
The reflections of Piazza Navona after a rainy night
By: itus49
Nice image.
🕐 11-29-18 8:53 AMn.w.
Photo - 100941
No problem. Just an observation. It is a very good image.
🕐 11-28-18 2:41 PMn.w.
Photo - 100941
Shouldn't this image be on the Nikon site?
🕐 10-9-18 12:56 PMn.w.
Photo: 100715
By: gip
Nice sharp image with good color.
🕐 08-8-18 8:16 AMn.w.
Small one on a Lilly Pad.
By: gip
Interesting image Gip.
Not what you see every day in a photo gallery.
🕐 06-18-18 5:47 AMn.w.
Photo 100256
By: n.w.
Thanks Gip.
Lucky shot of a planter outside a store as I waited for my wife while on vacation.
🕐 04-29-18 9:19 AMn.w.
Owl in Cypress Tree
By: gip
Nice detail in this image.
🕐 04-18-18 2:02 AMn.w.
Interesting Image.
🕐 03-24-18 6:47 AMn.w.
White coats
Good old fashion photo look. Nice to see images like this
🕐 03-20-18 2:41 PMn.w.
Waiting for Spring
By: laowai
The title fits the image well. B&W also brings it that waiting look.
🕐 03-19-18 2:11 PMn.w.
Small Alligator catching some morning light
By: gip
You can keep your alligators in your area. I'll stick with grizzly bears.
🕐 03-11-18 3:58 PMn.w.
By: gip
Interesting image Gip.
The toning works well.
🕐 03-11-18 3:55 PMn.w.
Tree Spirits
By: rsd
Nice detail
🕐 02-25-18 11:08 AMn.w.
By: heinzx
Interesting image. It suggests motion.

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