Comments by Hans Ahlberg

🕐 09-25-17 10:02 AMhasse58
Soft colours.
actually have my son accommodation in Chicago, so the picture is actually taken on your side of the pond :-)
🕐 02-16-17 10:18 PMhasse58
Beautiful place to stay at.
Thank you for your comments mitresg and tclare. In terms of barrels of debris, appearance and color, I have no idea. :-))
// Hasse
🕐 01-24-17 1:11 AMhasse58
From my balcony.
It might depend on what latitude you live in and other weather phenomena.
// Hasse
🕐 01-20-17 9:52 PMhasse58
Thank you for your comments !!!
🕐 12-29-16 10:48 AMhasse58
I'm glad you like my pictures TCLAIR :-))
and thank you so much for your comment:
// Hasse
🕐 10-17-16 10:17 AMhasse58
I have not seen the aliens, just their ship :-))
🕐 09-19-16 9:52 AMhasse58
The power source to an old saw.
Thank you so much for your comment Mitres, and glad you like the picture :-)
// Hasse
🕐 08-19-16 9:23 PMhasse58
Thank you for your comments! and that you like the picture :-))
🕐 08-8-16 10:22 AMhasse58
Thanks for your comment mitresg. Summilux 50 mm. is probably the objective I like the most because of the way it reproduces.
🕐 07-17-16 9:13 PMhasse58
Thanks for your comment N. W. Simplicity is often good.
🕐 07-7-16 6:28 AMhasse58
I wonder where I put my Leica M :-))
Thank you for taking the time to try to find my camera mitersg :-))

// Hasse
🕐 05-23-16 10:06 AMhasse58
A small alley in Ronda.
Thank you for your comments.
// Hasse
🕐 03-25-16 4:08 PMhasse58
A summer day at the lake Tisaren.
Thank you for your comments.
// Hasse
🕐 12-29-15 4:07 AMhasse58
Winter came late to southern Sweden this year.
Thank you for your comment gip. Early mornings are fine, the only problem is to come up before it is too late :-))
🕐 12-21-15 10:13 AMhasse58
The weaving machine "Ruti" has retired.
We hope she gets a retirement that is dignified :-))
🕐 12-4-15 3:55 AMhasse58
One late summer day by the river Klarälven.
Thank you all for your comments.
🕐 11-19-15 9:53 AMhasse58
Light from a window in the workshop.
Thank you for your comment Jean-ber52!
🕐 11-3-15 7:35 AMhasse58
A hazy November afternoon.
Thank you for your comments, and I am pleased that you like the picture :-))

// Hasse
🕐 10-18-15 5:55 AMhasse58
flowers on the stairs.
Thanks for your comment Mitresg.
🕐 09-26-15 11:29 PMhasse58
The wooden bridge over the river.
Thanks so much for your comment jean-ber52. Glad you like the picture :-))
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