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🕐 03-24-17 12:56 PMlilia
By: lilia
Central Park pond. A 5-minute walk from Manhattan's noise. I come here for quiet-time and escape from the hustle & bustle of the city. It is valium for the soul! .......... Lilia
🕐 03-6-17 12:52 PMlilia
Bridge reflections
By: lilia
Queensborough Bridge connects Manhattan to Queens. Believe it is over 100 years old. Growing up we always drove on this one as it was free. No brainer! ......... Lilia
🕐 02-25-17 2:43 PMlilia
Central Park dandy
By: lilia
This is one of my all-time favorites.
He appeared out of nowhere taking me by surprise. Only had time for one snap, but luckily, nailed it. This is not your usual attire for walking in the park. >)
🕐 02-25-17 2:03 PMlilia
Winter Sunrise Feb 2017
By: n.w.
What a beautiful gift to see a sky like this. Well done!
Kind regards,
🕐 02-24-17 5:27 PMlilia
Tableau of tulips I
By: heinzx
Your work improves with each passing year.
Alles beste,
🕐 02-22-17 2:09 PMlilia
Old (app. 240 years) and beautiful
By: heinzx
Das ist herrlich!
🕐 02-22-17 2:06 PMlilia
Lost in thought
By: lilia
This is an "oldie" but still one of my favorites. He was a man who had fallen on hard times. I wanted to talk to him but one never knows......this is New York City after all and one must be careful ........Lilia
🕐 02-21-17 12:59 PMlilia
Old Sheep Loading Pen
Beautiful soft colors. Well done!
🕐 02-6-17 3:48 PMlilia
Photo 60282
Que dramatica! Fantastic!
🕐 02-6-17 3:42 PMlilia
Queensborough Bridge
By: lilia
This is the only free bridge (no payment needed) in and out of Manhattan. It has been free for more than 100 years. This has helped many through the years.
🕐 02-5-17 2:36 PMlilia
Beautifully captured!
Kind regards,
🕐 02-5-17 2:34 PMlilia
By: lilia
I pressed the lens against the glass window.
🕐 02-5-17 2:29 PMlilia
Auschwitz autum
By: johntp
I thank you each time I see this photo. Most of my huge family whom I never met perished here. They are photos in albums, but at least I have that even though just turning pages is difficult.
Appreciate your kindness,
Lilia Binder
🕐 02-4-17 3:27 PMlilia
The Conductor
He reminds me of Mr. Spock of Star Wars fame.

This is meant as a compliment as in real life he is a very cultured and good-hearted man.

🕐 02-2-17 12:42 PMlilia
Photo 60217
By: lilia
Fully agree, n.w.!!!
🕐 02-2-17 12:11 AMlilia
Amadablam Nepal
Temperature was not a problem. The camera I used was my father's Contax -- believe it was 1952 model. Absolutely superb machine. Unfortunately, some nasty person whom I befriended some years later stole it from me. I miss that camera and all its memories to this day. ............ Lilia
🕐 02-1-17 11:19 PMlilia
Amadablam Nepal
Your photo is absolutely exquisite!

Best regards, Lilia Binder
🕐 02-1-17 11:18 PMlilia
Amadablam Nepal
Thank you for posting as it brings back wonderful memories of climbing Anapurna in my youth. I look at your photo and remember the thrill and exhilaration, crossing on wooden boards between 2 mountains with a huge drop down looking at icy rivers below. The comraderie of our group holding their breath as we crossed step by step. 25,000 to 26,000 feet high. We all held our breath watching our newly acquainted friends, exhilarated, praying, hoping that all would be successful. Thank G-d it was. What had been strangers a few days before became best friends. I still relish the experience as one of the best ever! Kind regards comrades...........Lilia
🕐 02-1-17 4:45 PMlilia
Photo 60217
By: lilia
Lucky dog........2 very nice people with much love & kindness!
Every animal should be this fortunate.........Lilia
🕐 01-26-17 12:56 PMlilia
popflash photo
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