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Photo 100123
Photo by nikkor105
🕐 09-18-23 16:56JT wrote:
Like the colors here
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Photo - 100025
Photo by frandy
🕐 09-11-23 23:12JT wrote:
A little too much alcohol :)
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Photo by dalth500
🕐 09-09-23 22:42JT wrote:
Love this B&W. Is this in camera mono or post processing? Would love some details.
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Photo 100112
Photo by nikkor105
🕐 09-08-23 08:45JT wrote:
interesting shot. really set mod. I like it.
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Winter wheat
Photo by dalth500
🕐 07-27-23 12:31JT wrote:
Wow. This is stunning.
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Photo - 103994
Photo by tappangent
🕐 07-26-23 18:40JT wrote:
Nice colors. Looks like Boston.
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Photo - 100031
Photo by frandy
🕐 07-26-23 14:03JT wrote:
This is such a cool shot. Love how the mood set in this pictures with the lighting and tones. Well done!
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Clouds come down to kiss the Earth
Photo by diaduck
🕐 07-26-23 11:08JT wrote:
Love it.
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Photo - 613962
Photo by JT
🕐 07-26-23 00:34JT wrote:
1clickbeyond wrote:
Definitely has that cool dude look. Great capture.

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Photo 361723
Photo by gip
🕐 07-10-23 09:15JT wrote:
Wow. This looks magical. I want to go there :)
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