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🕐 04-12-18 4:09 AMheinzx
Photo 64868
By: gip
Excellent !
🕐 04-9-18 3:30 AMmitresg
"You can choose anyone you like... "
Thank you. I wondered whether it would be better to have given the highlight 1/3 stop less. But, the shadow might have suffered too much.
🕐 04-9-18 3:26 AMmitresg
An artificial waterfall
Thank you. I had to take 3 shots, at varying speeds, to get the flowing water the way I wanted it.
🕐 04-9-18 12:41 AMheinzx
By: gip
Very nice !
🕐 04-8-18 3:19 PMmitresg
The statues
By: loik
Can't get better help than that.
🕐 04-7-18 5:44 AMphotosphere42
M9 Monochrom
By: cancan
🕐 04-4-18 7:36 PMmitresg
Children at play
Nice colors.
🕐 04-4-18 7:23 PMdalth500
northern light at arctic circle in Alaska
Way up North ... great capture!
🕐 04-2-18 6:33 PMphotosphere42
Photo 8038
By: iansky
Very nice, Well done!
🕐 03-31-18 4:22 PMmitresg
That could kill anyone. Should have taken up photography instead.
🕐 03-30-18 9:42 AMmitresg
Young and perky
Thank you. A rather dull scene, until I saw that young tree blooming. I like these natural colors.
🕐 03-30-18 9:36 AMmitresg
Thank you. A zebra-crossing that fades into oblivion.
🕐 03-28-18 7:01 PMmitresg
A well-illuminated passage way
Thank you. A mundane hallway, but the row of lights gave it potential-
🕐 03-27-18 5:44 PMmitresg
35 cm Saba advertised
Thank you. Glad to have caught the woman behind the board. Adds life to the Saba?
🕐 03-27-18 5:38 PMmitresg
Morning sun streaming through
Thank you.This forest is rather shallow. Need to catch the light at the right time; otherwise, too early, it is drab; too late, the light has bleached everything.
🕐 03-26-18 8:44 AMmitresg
Rooftop skyward
Thank you. The rooftop is always an interesting place, especially when the sky turns misty, and the light becomes subdue. On the left is the escalator.
🕐 03-26-18 1:23 AMmitresg
Love and Fun available
Thank you. I hope you don't mind the high grain - tough love.
🕐 03-24-18 6:47 AMn.w.
White coats
Good old fashion photo look. Nice to see images like this
🕐 03-23-18 6:15 AMmitresg
Walking in a dull morning
Thank you. It was dull sky and the path was sullen and brooding.
🕐 03-23-18 6:14 AMmitresg
A scenic path in the Garden
Thank you. I had to shoot fast to catch these 2 at the right point.