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🕐 05-11-18 2:06 AMitus49
Roman courtyards
By: itus49
Thank you very much to everyone.
🕐 05-11-18 2:06 AMitus49
San Nicola dei Prefetti (Roma)
By: itus49
Thank you very much to everyone.
🕐 05-10-18 1:54 PMphotosphere42
High voltage.
Lens: NIKKOR 50mm 1:2.
🕐 05-10-18 5:01 AMmitresg
A weary old horse into the sunset
Thank you. The end-of-the-road feeling.
🕐 05-9-18 3:11 PMmitresg
A small fishing community
Thank you. People live behind those trees, in a few wooden shacks- The sampans are mostly for transportation to the islands around,
🕐 05-8-18 2:58 AMheinzx
Swamp Rabbit
By: gip
Very nice !
🕐 05-6-18 4:57 PMmitresg
She needs a drink too
Thank you. I had set up the camera, when I noticed the “straitjacket “ she was wearing - a distinctive taste.
🕐 05-6-18 1:45 AMmitresg
Morning low tide
Yes. Fraid I couldn’t clear them. But I have another picture where I could isolate a half-sunken one. In this pic, I tried to focus on the rather static, stale, mouldy air.
🕐 05-6-18 1:39 AMmitresg
For a closer look
Itus, I was tempted to crop more of the leg (my apology to the lady) up to where her pants end, to emphasise, well, the posture. But, I decided against it. But, you are right - I didn’t have time.
🕐 05-6-18 1:23 AMitus49
By: heinzx
Wath a trip.
🕐 05-5-18 10:26 PMmitresg
At the park
Thank you. It was a overcast day. It gives me pleasure to try to bring out a scene which is grey-and-greyer. I had been helped by those branches, half-darkened by a previous rain.
🕐 05-5-18 6:02 AMmitresg
road sign
By: laowai
Nice colours.
🕐 05-4-18 8:44 PMmitresg
A wavy handrail
Thank you. A strange handrail- if you need it to walk down, it seems to make it worse. I took the pic to catch the rail fading to the end.
🕐 05-2-18 2:45 AMmitresg
A coffee place
Thank you. This is a particularly well decorated and lit coffee shop. I sat there with my coffee and waited for those people to be in place. No problem - can have another coffee.
🕐 05-1-18 12:40 PMwaeshael
Did you do your own processing? If so, what are you using for developer, and is this FP4 film?
🕐 04-29-18 9:19 AMn.w.
Owl in Cypress Tree
By: gip
Nice detail in this image.
🕐 04-29-18 5:38 AMmitresg
City scene
Thank you. These are 2 buildings with glass facade; an alley separates them. The colours are natural, with minor adjustments to contrast and brightness-
🕐 04-28-18 11:46 AMuser1978
Throne of the discharged king
By: heinzx
Nice, the two crosses!
🕐 04-27-18 9:46 AMphotosphere42
Photo 64975
Nice image, Great car!
🕐 04-26-18 11:41 PMitus49
Castello di Santa Severa view 4
By: itus49
Thank you very much to everyone.