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Carpark view
Photo By: mitresg
01-14-18 1:55 AM - Comment by: mitresg
Thank you. It was a dull day and the contrast was low. Playing with Tx400, I wanted to capture the range of tones.
Morning in the Botanic Garden
Photo By: mitresg
01-13-18 11:34 PM - Comment by: mitresg
Thank you. Rather dim in the forest. 1/60 sec at f5.6 to get a
good DOF.
Mallard pair
Photo By: gip
01-12-18 7:21 AM - Comment by: n.w.
One of your best images.
A back street facade
Photo By: mitresg
01-12-18 2:02 AM - Comment by: mitresg
Thank you. There are back-walls aplenty. I am using it to test the HP5; seems decent grain at 400 and decent texture. Lighting was dim.
Japanese wine
Photo By: mitresg
01-11-18 4:33 AM - Comment by: mitresg
Thank you. The light was rather dim and the 75 Summicron wa not easy to focus.
But, I had the time to ensure correct exposure.
Miss Piggy - the lead singer
Photo By: mitresg
01-10-18 8:11 PM - Comment by: mitresg
Thank you. For many, the wall pictures is a rerun of their lives. Like the rich dark of the HP5.
Colors of cloth
Photo By: heinzx
01-9-18 6:46 AM - Comment by: n.w.
Good eye Heinz. You made common objects look interesting.
On stony ground
Photo By: mitresg
01-8-18 2:59 AM - Comment by: mitresg
Thank you. How did the seed find that location? Some innate intelligence.
Great Blue
Photo By: gip
01-6-18 6:18 PM - Comment by: wenceslao
Very nice
Photo By: wenceslao
01-6-18 6:14 PM - Comment by: wenceslao
Thank You, My third grandson
Sydney Opera House
Photo By: mitresg
01-6-18 1:02 PM - Comment by: mitresg
Thank you. I was standing underneath the Opera House looking up, backing to find a right angle. I was trying to include all the curves in my 35mm.
I Wonder!
Photo By: mitresg
01-5-18 7:09 AM - Comment by: mitresg
Thank you. There are not many shops selling musical instruments here. One or two really big ones. This is one of the "boutique", family-run shop which still retains its friendly charm.
The Red Army watch
Photo By: mitresg
01-4-18 2:31 PM - Comment by: mitresg
Thank you. Yes. This is not a watch advertisement, though. The Red Army Watch has since closed. I was interested in catching the watch with its reflection correctly (and the sleeve), with the lamp and the background as just a supportive blur. Took several shots to get it.
"Line 3, two minutes"
Photo By: brianbryan
01-4-18 1:03 PM - Comment by: brianbryan
Thanks, neighbour!
Perfume ladies
Photo By: rfunnell
01-4-18 12:52 PM - Comment by: ranahki
Nice capture!
Countryside Germany
Photo By: dalth500
01-4-18 12:49 PM - Comment by: ranahki
Very dramatic scene.
Pipe Piper at work
Photo By: mitresg
01-4-18 12:25 PM - Comment by: mitresg
Thank you. Pipe-piping in earnest; catch them young and hold the parents captive.
An old Sydney street
Photo By: mitresg
01-4-18 12:09 PM - Comment by: mitresg
Thank you. This is Darling Harbour, Sydney, a 19th century trading port. I was fascinated by the old brick buildings.
Garden ramp
Photo By: mitresg
01-4-18 9:08 AM - Comment by: mitresg
Thank you. This ramp, for the handicapped, is an alternative to the stair on the left. The ramp requires a long climb, though. The wall is handmade, with rock pieces; it would be scenic way up.
River bend
Photo By: user1978
01-1-18 11:32 AM - Comment by: user1978
Thank you. It was about the only time of day with some sunshine, so I'm happy the picture turned out well.