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Tramp. Tower Bridge


Tramp on stairway of Tower Bridge, London -- he saw us earlier coming up and was very 'Camera Aware' so I didn't snap but on way home he was asleep !

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CameraLEICA CAMERA AG, 1986 M6

Focal length35 mm


Exposure ISO 100 - (1/30) at f/1.4

CategoryPeople - Street

Date posted2015-02-07

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ced - 02-23-15 10:58 AM
E, Love the way you got the dark surround and the subject in the circle of light!
Life can be tough on some probably the majority in this world we pass through.
elmarman - 02-23-15 7:23 AM
Thanks -- I won FIRST AWARD in the last Print Competition at my Club for a 16x12" darkroom print on Ilford Multigrade Glossy for this photo.
ken davis - 02-8-15 8:50 AM
Your wide angle interpretation makes the person seem even more lonely. Photographed with great sympathy for the subject.
lilia - 02-7-15 8:50 PM
Sad and poignant.
As for your comments, the least we can do is respect their dignity as that is all they may have left. I only hope that in some small way by photographing their plight we show more people that there is a problem.
tclair - 02-7-15 10:38 AM
Excellent lighting and tone values and of course the subject matter makes it a strong image!