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Focal length5.1 mm

LensLEICA DC VARIO-SUMMICRON 1:2.0-3.3/5.1-19.2 ASPH


Exposure ISO 80 - (1/1000) at f/4.5

Category2012 Contest

Date posted2013-01-18

Exif dataEXIF data ( Read from file. May differ if edited )

LeicaImages - 11-26-15 11:42 PM
Superb !
cancan - 01-31-13 8:35 AM
I like it 2
dierk - 01-19-13 12:48 PM
I agree, Sol, great image,
it is exactly your style (could have been from you as well :)
sol - 01-19-13 1:30 AM
I like this picture:
1) Has "visual impact": breadth and depth needed to cause intrigue that makes you wonder what counts image. What the author wants to count us? ...
2) has "technical quality": Good lighting "backlit". Good composition - respects the rule of thirds -. Contrast and hue accurate nice and clean.
3) It has history, "message from the author":
a): It is a poetic image: It shows at a reasonable distance but faraway the human element inside the scene, takes an important protagonism.
b): It is a dynamic image: motion of the flight of birds.
c): It is a dramatic picture: It shows the continuing struggle between the man and contradictory nature. The concrete buildings built by man to one side ... front landscape built by Mother Nature, and the middle, between the two ... the man that lives immersed in both environments.
In my opinion, is a great work!
friedeye - 01-19-13 12:21 AM
Wow. A really strong image.
tclair - 01-18-13 1:00 PM
Very well done!
sol - 01-18-13 10:06 AM
GENIAL, Ninni !... I've always liked this picture. It is timelessly, is dynamic by the movement of the flight of birds, is poetic by the remoteness of the human element, and is also dramatic, sample the struggle and the contradiction ... the landscape of concrete buildings built by man against the beautiful landscape created by nature. It has it all! It's a great work!
nikki - 01-18-13 8:32 AM
beautiful peaceful scene!