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brianbryan - 05-28-15 11:51 PM
Just brilliant - agree with JT!
ken davis - 05-29-13 3:08 PM
It is a stark reminder of the way of life forced onto these folk. so simple, so poignant, a photograph that follows on from those taken by 'masters' during the 20th century wars.
snaprat - 06-15-12 5:08 AM
Thank you so much Diane, you really are an inspiration. I think you know how important this photograph is to me and I am very proud that you have chosen to comment once again on it. Thank you so very much. :-)
diaduck - 06-13-12 2:39 PM
This popped up in a random look-through of the site - and reminds me, again, of what an extraordinarily powerful image it is. Sometimes we just have to repeat our comments. Superb, Jeremy!
snaprat - 01-4-11 1:18 PM
Thank you all for the wonderful comments. Very humbling. Thank you.
ioss - 01-3-11 9:40 PM
Very impressive and great picture! Everything's right: composition, colors,'s a WOW picture!
zblake - 01-3-11 6:40 PM
Yes, this is fantastic. Well done and congratulations!
JT - 01-3-11 3:17 PM
Awesome photo. This belongs in National Geographic or LIFE. Great capture!
snaprat - 01-3-11 2:42 PM
Thank you so much. This is a very important picture for me and the first one I posted on this site for that reason.The village had been subject to Taliban intimidation earlier so there was a high degree of nervousness when I visited. The child was more frightened of me than the guard!
diaduck - 01-3-11 10:38 AM
I've just been going back through older postings - this is incredibly poignant. An enormous story being told here. Thank you for posting your images.


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Village in Bamiyan Afghanistan

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