Comments for Rene

🕐 10-25-20 1:10 PMhyperfocal
Photo: 102937
Beautiful light on the trees.
🕐 02-16-20 10:25 AMchriseeo
Excellent photo with the "right" Leica colours.
🕐 01-5-20 11:19 AMn.w.
Photo: 102361
Very nice image. You put some thought into it.
🕐 09-8-19 9:09 AMphotosphere42
Mountain hut
Nice image, like the values and the atmosphere of 50mm f2 0 lenses.
🕐 04-4-18 7:36 PMmitresg
Children at play
Nice colors.
🕐 01-1-18 11:32 AMuser1978
River bend
Thank you. It was about the only time of day with some sunshine, so I'm happy the picture turned out well.
🕐 12-31-17 6:09 PMmitresg
River bend
Beautiful subdue colour. Wonderful lens.
🕐 06-13-17 1:35 PMuser1978
Thank you. I don't recall it swaying. There was very little wind, in fact. Maybe it was my unsteady hands ;-)
🕐 06-12-17 2:59 PMmitresg
The grass was very delicately done, in colour and structure. I suppose it must have been swaying.
🕐 05-7-17 4:57 AMuser1978
Preparing to make charcoal 1
Thank you!
🕐 05-6-17 6:23 AMmitresg
Preparing to make charcoal 1
Nice colour and 3D look.
🕐 03-5-17 10:51 AMuser1978
Thank you very much for the poetic comment, mitresg! Luckily for the zebra, there is green grass within a few kilometers and wet season should start soon.
🕐 03-4-17 2:06 PMmitresg
The tenacity to survive. Such barren landscape. See the dried-up tree and grass; the will is still dormant. Like the zebras' posture.
🕐 01-3-17 11:03 AMuser1978
Worn down
I don't think it was wide open. Must have been F4 or F5.6. The Nikon camera body I used (Leitax conversion) doesn't read the diaphragm.
🕐 01-3-17 9:31 AMmitresg
Worn down
Nice details, especially the foreground stone-path. Is it the nature of the R Summilux to get such depth wide-open?
🕐 10-24-16 1:10 PMtclair
Mushroom time
Very nice!
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