Comments for Inderjeet Singh

🕐 01-27-15 1:25 PMwanderer
Photo 48016
Nice detail
🕐 01-25-15 12:13 PMtclair
Photo 47993
Nice and sharp!
🕐 01-24-15 10:03 AMJT
rock garden chandigarh
Wow. I have been looking at this lens for my a7ii. This is very convincing. even though i hear of an 85mm loxia later this year. this looks great.
🕐 01-17-15 10:07 AMrsd
Photo 47932
Very nice, Inderjeet!
🕐 01-17-15 7:52 AMtclair
Photo 47931
Very Nice!
🕐 01-15-15 10:25 AMJT
Photo 47910
Wow. Great detail and colors. You gotta love those Sony cameras. So universal with the ability to use almost any lens. If only Leica could make a camera as good as the Sony for the Sony price :D
🕐 01-15-15 9:12 AMrsd
Photo 47910
Very nice!
🕐 01-9-15 6:17 AMwanderer
my first photo of sony A-7 with leica
Very nice.
🕐 01-5-15 9:42 AMwanderer
Lumix with leica
Very nice.
popflash photo
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