Comments for Hans Ahlberg

🕐 10-1-17 6:09 AMmitresg
The feeling...
Nice use of selective focus.
🕐 10-1-17 4:41 AMgip
See your back on my side of the pond. Like the shallow dof.
🕐 09-25-17 10:02 AMhasse58
Soft colours.
actually have my son accommodation in Chicago, so the picture is actually taken on your side of the pond :-)
🕐 09-24-17 3:58 PMgip
Soft colours.
We also have these on my side of the pond. I have not gotten a good image. I would be happy with this one.
🕐 08-13-17 5:43 AMmitresg
Landscape image from northern Sweden.
Nice natural colours.
🕐 03-14-17 7:58 AMn.w.
The spring sun.
Nice image all around. Think spring!
🕐 03-10-17 6:17 AMswedesrus25
Photo 48852
Bra gjort!
🕐 03-2-17 3:25 AMmitresg
Great need of a little love.
As Saul, nice tonal range and details.
🕐 02-28-17 7:43 AMn.w.
Veteran railway.
This reminds me of image quality of Kodak T-Max film.
Very nice.
🕐 02-16-17 10:18 PMhasse58
Beautiful place to stay at.
Thank you for your comments mitresg and tclare. In terms of barrels of debris, appearance and color, I have no idea. :-))
// Hasse
🕐 02-16-17 6:36 PMmitresg
Beautiful place to stay at.
Nice morning colours; can still feel the chill. Just wonder - do garbage bins look the same the world over; same colour?
🕐 02-16-17 11:34 AMtclair
Beautiful place to stay at.
Beautiful Image!
🕐 02-15-17 5:34 AMmitresg
February 14.
Beautiful. Like the details of the grass bank and the road.
🕐 01-24-17 1:11 AMhasse58
From my balcony.
It might depend on what latitude you live in and other weather phenomena.
// Hasse
🕐 01-21-17 3:40 PMmitresg
From my balcony.
The sky doesn't get this red here.
🕐 01-20-17 9:52 PMhasse58
Thank you for your comments !!!
🕐 01-20-17 1:18 PMlilia
Great mood & balance.
🕐 01-20-17 6:30 AMn.w.
Centrifuging and washing machine.
Really nice photography. It has a timeless quality to it.
🕐 01-16-17 6:08 PMakemi-m
Really Beautiful! Well done.

Best regards,
🕐 01-3-17 9:19 AMmitresg
Nice colours and selective focus. Must have been shot with the 50 Lux wide-open.
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