Comments for Mario Andi Supria

🕐 02-9-17 8:46 AMotamendi
Imprisoned Deserted
🕐 02-8-17 10:34 AMalfondc
Imprisoned Deserted
I love framing here and the situation and expression of the model, lighting and tones can be better and the reflexion also looks weird but anyway the photo is great!.
🕐 06-5-14 10:35 PMdesmolicious
Imprisoned Deserted
A really good nude where the soft curves and tones of the model are in stark contrast to the geometric shapes of the stairs and railings. I like the way you have partially concealed the face, it creates an air of mystery .
🕐 05-28-14 6:53 AMjrbelmuda
My Friend Putu Adi
Nice image
popflash photo
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