Comments for Michael Demeyer

🕐 11-1-17 2:17 AMheinzx
Glass Sculpture
Excellent !
🕐 08-31-17 11:49 PMheinzx
Phoenix International Media Center - Beijing, China
Very nice !
🕐 08-31-17 4:31 AMmdemeyer
Phoenix International Media Center - Beijing, China
Replaced original photo with correctly-processed version.

Taken in the evening after a Tiffany & Co. marketing event was held in the center of this oval structure. The Tiffany wording is a sign not yet removed from the area.
🕐 08-21-17 12:21 AMmdemeyer
Laundry Day
mitresg wrote:

Nice natural colours, just the way I remember them.\n\n\n

M10 with modified Adobe Standard profile as described in post #18 in this thread. I struggled with what I felt was over-saturation of the standard LR profiles (especially the M10 profile) but have been quite pleased with this one.

🕐 08-20-17 11:29 PMmitresg
Laundry Day
Nice natural colours, just the way I remember them.
🕐 07-31-15 1:56 AMioss
Olive Grove
Beautiful composition, great scenary
🕐 06-21-15 11:14 PMmdemeyer
Thanks gip. Just got the new v3 15mm Super Wide Heliar and working to get the feel for it. This is slightly cropped, but it works well Full Frame on the Sony A7 with the thin filter stack modification. And, you're right, the light was lovely which is what drew me to this.
🕐 06-21-15 8:51 AMgip
Nice lighting and tones. Image has a very pleasing soft look, which is odd considering the subject.
I like your pp on this.
🕐 04-19-15 9:24 AMwaeshael
Cathedral Exterior, Seville Spain
were you flying when you took this? Good picture.
🕐 04-18-15 6:58 PMtclair
Cathedral Exterior, Seville Spain
Very Harry Potter.
🕐 04-18-15 6:57 PMtclair
Cathedral Interior, Seville Spain
A very strong image!
🕐 03-17-15 8:48 AMrsd
Three Peaks
Elegant composition
🕐 12-30-14 6:15 AMtclair
Great composition and color!
🕐 12-29-14 2:06 PMced
Michael, Love the composition!
🕐 12-29-14 4:44 AMgip
Very good. Lots of different materials, lines, color,reflection. Lovely light.
🕐 10-30-14 9:42 PMlilia
Excellent, beautifully presented!
🕐 10-30-14 11:32 AMnorthwest
Very nicely done.
🕐 10-30-14 4:38 AMced
Michael, Love the composition and textures!
🕐 10-29-14 10:36 PMrsd
Lovely image, Michael
🕐 08-26-14 4:22 AMgip
Chef, China Lounge
Like your composition on this one. Very nice. Also like the clouds of steam. BW was a good choice for mostly stainless steel workspace.
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