Comments for Georgios Kalaydjian

🕐 11-17-15 4:17 AMgip
City of Romance
All the images in this group are very nice. This one looks like a window view rather than a photo. Good work Georgios.
🕐 12-12-14 12:10 PMchristogr
Top of the Rock
Thank you for your valuable comments.
Since you liked the color one more, I will add the same Panoramic one in color version.
🕐 12-11-14 10:48 AMrsd
Top of the Rock- Panoramic BW
An admirable capture of Manhattan!
🕐 12-11-14 4:50 AMnorthwest
Top of the Rock
I agree with gip. With color there is much more to see and the image seems to have more depth to it.
🕐 12-10-14 6:40 PMsouth bird
Top of the Rock
Wow. What a shot!
🕐 12-10-14 3:45 PMgip
Top of the Rock
I like the color image best. The light from the windows makes the image more intersting to me.
🕐 07-24-14 12:24 PMchristogr
Photo 43803
Thank you Lilia for your kind comments.
I am sorry for being little lazy recently, but I was so busy.
Promise to be interactive soon. :)
🕐 07-21-14 9:09 PMlilia
Photo 43393
Wonderful b&w scene. Sky looks very threatening.
🕐 07-21-14 9:08 PMlilia
Photo 43803
Beautifully captured, nice soft colors catch the scene's mood.
Kind regards, Lilia
🕐 05-27-14 1:09 PMced
Photo 44134
George, Superb! Never noticed the bay type windows before.
🕐 05-26-14 1:11 AMgdheaton
Photo 44134
🕐 05-26-14 12:47 AMsol
Photo 44134
good work!
🕐 05-25-14 9:01 PMjrbelmuda
Photo 44134
Very nice image, love the building and clouds of course, well composed.
🕐 05-25-14 6:34 PMgip
Photo 44134
Also one of my favorite buildings. Looks great from this perspective. You couldn't have
bought a better sky.
🕐 05-25-14 5:11 PMlilia
Photo 43333
🕐 05-25-14 5:10 PMlilia
Photo 43339
Wonderful portrait!
🕐 05-25-14 5:07 PMlilia
Photo 44134
This is one of my favorite buildings. You captured it brilliantly with the special help from the heavens above.
🕐 05-25-14 3:08 PMgip
Photo 44133
This is a wonderful old building and looks great from this perspective . The sky is remarkable.
🕐 05-20-14 1:36 PMjrbelmuda
Photo 43977
🕐 05-19-14 8:56 AMsol
Photo 43977
excellent perspective!
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