Comments for Elliebelle

🕐 07-10-15 10:14 AMranahki
Barefoot photograph - nice shot.
🕐 06-28-14 11:43 AMdiaduck
An image inviting us to head on over to the beach, with dog, with friend, with camera....well done.
🕐 06-28-14 11:42 AMdiaduck
Skimming Liquid Fire
Splendid work, with brilliant light and a marvelous sense of being completely enveloped by the light.
🕐 06-28-14 11:42 AMdiaduck
Not Happy Hour….
Gorgeous use of the vivid colors in this setting - and the blurred framing is lovely.
🕐 06-13-14 9:56 AMelliebelle
Over the Fence
Aw Lilia thats a lovely comment to make thank you & thanks to you John.
Much appreciate the likes too, thanks guys :)
🕐 06-13-14 9:54 AMelliebelle
Try to see it my way...
Many thanks :)
🕐 06-13-14 9:53 AMelliebelle
Shadow Walkers
Thanks a lot guys :)
🕐 06-13-14 9:47 AMelliebelle
Skimming Liquid Fire
Thanks sooooo much for your likes and comments guys :)
🕐 06-13-14 9:37 AMelliebelle
Many thanks for your likes and kind comments everyone, they are much appreciated :)
🕐 06-12-14 11:36 PMlilia
Over the Fence
Did you get a new box of crayons?
Mother Nature bent over backwards for you and we get all the benefits.
One of your best.
🕐 06-12-14 10:44 PMfriedeye
Sweet sweet shot, Ellie.
🕐 06-12-14 11:04 AMchriseeo
🕐 06-12-14 10:07 AMsol
Skimming Liquid Fire
Elliebelle...This is fantastic!
🕐 06-11-14 4:37 PMgip
Skimming Liquid Fire
Just Lovely Ellie Belle. Birds and buoy give it scale. Well done.
🕐 06-11-14 4:20 PMlilia
Skimming Liquid Fire
Another gem!
🕐 06-11-14 4:18 PMlilia
Sweet, endearing, with magnificent backdrop.
Absolutely glorious shot!
🕐 06-11-14 10:14 AMhandgun
Try to see it my way...
Spot on !
🕐 06-11-14 8:49 AMfilm4me
Skimming Liquid Fire
absolutely beautiful!
🕐 06-11-14 8:48 AMfilm4me
beautiful shot
🕐 06-11-14 7:01 AMjrbelmuda
Skimming Liquid Fire
The colours are incredible, the action is fantastic, how did you manage to orchestrate and choreograph those birds?? Liquid fire is a true description.
Fabulous ...
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