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🕐 01-9-14 5:48 AMsol posted Click to view details
Photo by: wfzd
My most sincere condolences to the entire family for this sad loss!
We will carry his memory in our hearts
His gentleness, naturalness and friendliness, and willingness to share your life always outdoors, always remain in our memory.
He rest in peace.
Charles enjoys eternal light!
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🕐 12-15-13 4:51 AMpolana posted Click to view details
" K 2"
Photo by: wfzd
lovely image
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🕐 10-25-13 3:15 PMsunny bleek posted Click to view details
A Fiery-Redhead
Photo by: wfzd
Absolutely beautiful work!
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🕐 10-17-13 3:16 AMchriseeo posted Click to view details
Photo by: wfzd
An excellent family photo. Lovely faces on film!
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🕐 10-16-13 7:42 PMyuls_pusan posted Click to view details
Photo by: wfzd
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🕐 08-28-13 8:32 AMLeicaImages posted Click to view details
"off to a gallop!"
Photo by: wfzd
I like this. Especially the blurred look which ads action to the photo. Keeping the horse to the left of the frame combine with the blurred image really animates this. Nice!