Comments for Dalton Hobbs

🕐 07-27-19 9:12 AMphotosphere42
Llano River Beef Trail crossing
Nice scene, nice values.
🕐 07-27-19 9:11 AMphotosphere42
Photo: Pershing II
🕐 11-11-18 10:35 AMJT
Photo 100264
Incredible. You certainly captured something for the archives.
🕐 11-10-18 2:39 AMdalth500
Photo 100264
Sadly this house (along with the wheat in the field) was lost in wild fires about a week after this image was taken.
🕐 07-5-18 5:43 PMJT
Photo - 100360
Sweet. Love it. You gotta love the Alfa's.

I am in the middle of restoring my TR6 from the ground up as well. I have a set of brand new triple Weber side drafts 40DC0E's sitting in my garage just waiting to go on :) I buy directly from Pierce manifolds in CA and save a grand :) Waiting on the Falcon stainless exhause system to arrive next. I can't wait!

I will post pictures of it eventually and create a restoration album. If you are ever in West Linn send me a message and maybe you can show me the Alfa :)
🕐 07-5-18 12:09 AMdalth500
Photo - 100360
BTW - I have owned the car since 1977 - and its not for sale thanks!!!
🕐 07-5-18 12:08 AMdalth500
Photo - 100360
1972 GTV 2000, that has been restored ground up with a euro cams, header, forged pistons and rod and twin Weber 40DCOE, currently putting out about 200hp but on a 1800 pound car it is more than enough. So to use the HP it is lowered with progressive rate springs, drilled and slotted brake rotters Cromodora wheels and Toyo tires
🕐 07-4-18 1:49 PMJT
Photo - 100360
Love it. Is that a 1750 or 2000? Those Alfa's are sweet!
🕐 06-19-18 7:55 AMJT
Photo 100264
Lovely range of tones.
🕐 02-23-18 2:44 PMn.w.
Lofoten Aurora
Very nice image.
🕐 01-4-18 12:49 PMranahki
Countryside Germany
Very dramatic scene.
🕐 11-8-17 12:10 PMdalth500
Tokyo Tower
The outdoor lights in this scene have just about every color temperature there is - from the yellow orange sodium vapor lights of the Tokyo Tower to the green blue of the mercury vapor street lights the the aircraft warning lights and the multiple colors of the neon signs - difficult to white balance a scene like this for sure - the M10 sensor is a definite improvement over the M240 series
🕐 11-7-17 7:52 PMmitresg
Tokyo Tower
M10 has nice colours.
🕐 10-13-17 12:27 PMmitresg
Tokyo runner
Reminds me of Blade Runner.
🕐 06-11-17 5:13 PMmitresg
Winter fallow sunset
Nice details and natural colours.
🕐 05-12-17 10:36 PMdalth500
Star Ferry and clouds
The best value ride and vistas in the world!
🕐 05-10-17 3:43 PMmitresg
Star Ferry and clouds
Nice colours, as I remember them. The venerable Star Ferry.
🕐 04-26-17 6:34 PMdalth500
Wild taro
I am enjoying the M10 sensor - an improvement over the M240
🕐 04-26-17 1:46 AMmitresg
Wild taro
Nice subdue colours and texture, particularly the buds.
🕐 04-9-17 12:19 PMheinzx
Rain and tulips
Beautiful !
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