Comments for Bill Schneider

🕐 09-26-15 3:53 PMgip
Low Tide at Sunset
A nice image Bill. Like all the surface variations in the water and the colors.
🕐 09-23-15 3:30 PMgip
Old Shipwreck at Sunset
Like this one Bill. Nice color tone and shadows. A very good image.
🕐 07-31-15 4:34 PMwanderer
Elk Antlers
ced, the elk at this location are left in their natural state. No hunting and dead animals are disposed of natures way.
🕐 07-31-15 11:50 AMced
Elk Antlers
Hope good use of the meat was made here...
🕐 07-10-15 6:07 AMroot4rectangle
Road Less Traveled
This is a great shot. So beautiful.
🕐 06-28-15 8:24 AMwanderer
Falling Water (waterfall)
Thank you for the "Like" Heinz.
I found the image interesting and I'm glad you did also.
🕐 05-10-15 5:11 PMgip
Tree Swallow
I like these little guys. They have such iridescent color.
🕐 05-6-15 8:57 AMgip
Road Less Traveled
What a horizon. Jealous , only hills around my part of the planet.
🕐 04-7-15 1:00 PMheinzx
Spotted Towhee
Excellent !
🕐 04-7-15 7:12 AMwanderer
Spotted Towhee
thanks Gip.
🕐 04-6-15 5:33 PMgip
Spotted Towhee
The snow works well here. A nice image, like the way you framed it.
🕐 03-21-15 2:10 PMlilia
My Dog Jake
What a sweetie!
Please give him a special hug from me.
Regards, Lilia
🕐 03-20-15 7:13 PMwaeshael
My Dog Jake
Dogs are so willing to cooperate with the picture!
🕐 03-20-15 12:50 PMhandgun
Very nice.
🕐 03-20-15 12:33 PMrsd
The focal planes are great here
🕐 01-30-15 9:33 PMtclair
Excellent capture!
🕐 01-30-15 2:23 PMgip
I like this one of course. I enjoy chasing these little creatures.
🕐 01-30-15 11:42 AMrsd
Great shot, Bill!
🕐 01-30-15 9:18 AMlilia
He's busy building the nest and she wants to go out shopping. :)
🕐 01-17-15 1:01 PMlilia
Wonderful expressions!
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