Comments for Magnus Bistrom

🕐 02-28-18 5:29 AMphotosphere42
Umbrella in Havanna
Nice image.
🕐 01-21-18 1:27 PMmitresg
Eye Contact
Nice tones, esp the blacks and the gleam on the car.
🕐 09-13-14 7:12 PMlilia
Umbrella and bullitholes Croatia
What stories that wall could tell.
🕐 07-11-14 3:25 PMdiaduck
The man in the window
Really good image, with much to engage the viewer - good window shot, with the two figures in opposing positions, nice reflection from the window, and the umbrellas give it all that little pizazz to bump it up to excellent work.
🕐 07-7-14 12:09 PMfriedeye
Red umbrella
Very nice. And the PP applied works extremely well.
🕐 07-7-14 12:08 PMfriedeye
Woman and pigeon
Strong composition and wonderful light. Well done.
🕐 03-12-14 1:24 PMnikki
The man in the window
composition is spot on !
🕐 03-11-14 3:18 PMnorthwest
The man in the window
Nice image showing everyday life.
🕐 03-11-14 2:38 PMgip
The man in the window
Very nice image. Like the neutral tones.
🕐 03-11-14 1:07 PMced
The man in the window
M, Nice Treatment!
🕐 03-1-14 7:54 AMlilia
Beautiful vista.
🕐 02-26-14 12:27 PMjrbelmuda
Please sit down
The Hot Seat..
🕐 01-8-14 7:55 AMniasmatthew
Woman and child
This photograph reminds me of Seurats's Sunday Afternoon on the Island of Grand-Jatte.
🕐 01-7-14 4:56 PMlilia
Woman and child
Beautifully captured!
Regards, Lilia
🕐 12-18-13 5:38 AMmrbistrom
On guard
desmolicious wrote:

the lady in the background makes the composition\n\n\n

Yes, one of those photos where you see a nice forground and then wait till the background shows up :)
🕐 12-11-13 3:31 PMdesmolicious
On guard
the lady in the background makes the composition
🕐 12-9-13 1:33 PMcancan
Photo 27510
lovely shot
🕐 12-8-13 3:52 PMdiaduck
Softly beautiful image, with lovely color work.
🕐 12-7-13 9:14 AMmrbistrom
Putting on makeup
Have to comment my own upload. One of the first shots with my new camera and lens. Phew, all manual is not something I'm used to...
🕐 12-5-13 2:08 AMced
Mrbistrom, A powerful image, nice work!
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