Comments for Brian Whitcomb

🕐 07-13-18 8:52 AMJT
Music on the ride
Awesome capture tones and lighting. well done.
🕐 11-21-14 9:35 PMlilia
🕐 11-21-14 10:02 AMitus49
🕐 11-20-14 6:44 PMbwhitcomb1
Thanks, Lilia and Gip. I appreciate your comments.
🕐 11-17-14 7:29 AMlilia
It is always a great pleasure to see the lovely photographs of your children.
🕐 11-16-14 8:27 AMgip
Like the softness and shadows. Very nice image.
🕐 08-1-14 12:38 PMdiaduck
A Scene from Sturbridge Village
Love the rail fence as it cuts across the frame - that, along with the soft greens, really makes this image sing.
🕐 07-30-14 7:47 AMced
Brian, Nice all round!
🕐 07-28-14 4:51 PMfriedeye
LOvely shot, Brian.
🕐 07-27-14 3:55 PMdiaduck
Very nicely composed, and intriguing lighting - makes you want to look outside the window, but knowing the work is happening in the foreground.
🕐 07-26-14 10:03 AMdesmolicious
Excellent thoughtful composition.
🕐 07-21-14 9:04 PMlilia
This child is absolutely adorable. Love seeing him growing up.
Kind regards, Lilia
🕐 07-21-14 9:01 PMlilia
A Scene from Sturbridge Village
Lovely pastoral scene.
🕐 07-21-14 3:04 PMdiaduck
Low tide at sunset
A sweet and lovely image of childhood - the lighting is so beautiful, and the child's expression and pose so reminiscent of times past.
🕐 07-7-14 2:51 AMlilia
Low tide at sunset
All the elements came together beautifully!
🕐 07-6-14 3:19 PMmfa
Low tide at sunset
Very touchy ! Nice picture
🕐 07-3-14 2:43 PMbwhitcomb1
A Scene from Sturbridge Village
Thanks, Jim.
🕐 07-3-14 2:43 PMbwhitcomb1
Low tide at sunset
Ced, Huss and Jim: The comments are very much appreciated. Thanks!
🕐 06-30-14 10:48 AMced
Low tide at sunset
Brian, Lovely Image!
🕐 06-30-14 12:53 AMdesmolicious
Low tide at sunset
I love how he is in his own world, and the lighting and composition reflects that perfectly.
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