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🕐 08-26-13 5:35 PMedster12
Taxi Awaits
Thanks. It is one of the traditional, but today, less popular way to cross the harbour. Today it is mostly used to service working folks to/fro the working ships nearby.
🕐 08-26-13 1:16 PMwfzd
Taxi Awaits
Wonderful City!
The blur of the boat, nice added!
🕐 08-26-13 1:12 PMwfzd
Bund from Water
We have been there,
had dinner close by, love this city!
The Bund! xie-xie!
🕐 03-28-13 2:16 PMwfzd
Multi Tasking
The humor, that wonderful city!
🕐 03-19-13 12:39 PMnikki
Let it lie
great shot!
🕐 03-18-13 5:33 PMedster12
Let it lie
Thanks, Herman. :) A casual looker might think this dog had it bad... with closer observation, some one is actually giving some thought to the dog's welfare - warm "sweater", padded "bed", and seems well fed.
🕐 03-18-13 2:33 AMedster12
Jetty Guard
Thanks. :) I should start a category/folder called animals.
🕐 03-18-13 1:03 AMsol
Jetty Guard
I like the color. I love dogs. And it seems that this is very pending way to save the ship! :)
🕐 03-17-13 11:26 PMedster12
Braised Fowl
Thanks, friedeye. ;) Wish you have the chance to taste it too, works quite well too.
🕐 03-17-13 10:28 PMfriedeye
Braised Fowl
Like the abstract, Ed. It works.
🕐 03-12-13 6:01 PMedster12
Old Way
I had understood from a local that China use to have the world largest group of cyclist for everyday life; now the car to cyclist ratio have switch drastically. I spotted this lone cyclist bravely attempting to traverse one of the major Shanghai city center intersection. :)
🕐 03-8-13 1:03 AMedster12
Baby Eels Fresh Noodles
Looks freaky. And the shop's decor is below average.... but man, when you slurp the oodles of noodle. Then taste the sweet stir fried baby river eels.
🕐 03-7-13 4:10 AMedster12
Chinese New Year Lanterns
Thanks, Sol. :) Glad you find it nice.
🕐 03-7-13 1:39 AMsol
Chinese New Year Lanterns
Curious Scene festival, nice composition and colors, Ed!
🕐 03-6-13 8:11 PMedster12
Chinese New Year Lanterns
Thanks! :) There's even a lighted up - (French) Fleur de lis, if you look carefully on the left side.
🕐 03-6-13 8:10 PMedster12
QR code Opera
:) Did anyone spot the QR (2D) barcode? ;) First time I see this data representation used as part of a major design feature.
🕐 03-6-13 1:36 PMfriedeye
Chinese New Year Lanterns
I second Herman. Very punchy.
🕐 03-6-13 10:59 AMnikki
What's cooking?
great street shot!
🕐 03-5-13 5:23 PMedster12
What's cooking?
Grazie, phantom. ;) Italian food is very good too.
Thanks for all your comments, guys.
🕐 03-4-13 8:22 PMedster12
What's cooking?
Next to the vendor's right hand, are the basket of the fermented tofu... locals love this stuff. Strong stomach bio-organisms a pre-requisite to taste this delicacy. Suspect this guy will sell out in a couple hours. :) As a fun note, I tried it. Not as strong as the ones in Taipei. Still good.
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