Comments for Phil

🕐 11-28-12 12:43 PMdiaduck
Thetford Forest
A lovely, glowing landscape - feels very warm and friendly. Well done, Phil.
🕐 11-28-12 10:07 AMdicky bow
Norfolk, England
Thank you Sol,

I took the photo with my IIIb (1938). Somehow a camera twice my age comes very much alive in my hands.

🕐 11-28-12 5:24 AMsol
Norfolk, England
Wonderful landscape!!
🕐 11-28-12 5:19 AMsol
The Son
Although no technical details ... I love this picture!
🕐 11-26-12 11:11 AMwuffstuff
The Wall
Lovely textures.
🕐 11-25-12 12:03 AMdicky bow
Zig Zag
When I carry either the IIIb or IIIc, I just see things so differently. Give me a Leica 1 model A.......
🕐 11-24-12 4:51 PMdiaduck
Pump House
Wonderful documentary work, Phil - very nice subtle colors, especially on the back wall.
🕐 11-24-12 4:50 PMdiaduck
The Wall
Great abstract, with very nice tonality and texture. Well done, Phil.
🕐 11-21-12 11:16 AMdicky bow
Calves eating
It was indeed one of those perfect moments. I remain bewildered how the affinity between my eye and my Leica IIIc can produce such harmonious results which I can't get with a digital camera.
🕐 11-21-12 9:41 AMdiaduck
Calves eating
Very nice lighting caught in this image - you can feel the mist surround you.
🕐 11-21-12 9:41 AMdiaduck
Bruses for sale
Great colors here, and I really like the repeat of the burnt orange in the brush and stones. Very nice, Phil.
🕐 11-21-12 1:18 AMchriseeo
Kings Lynn
What an effect of the old camera! Is it the summitar lens?
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