Comments for Eric

🕐 01-1-16 8:08 AMskogkatt59
Merci beaucoup pour votre commentaire Diane.
🕐 12-31-15 10:04 AMdiaduck
I so rarely interact with leicaimages any more (having changed equipment), but if I could see more of this, my favorite cat in the world, it might urge me on. Eric, you have a wonderful photographic relationship with this long-haired being - I thoroughly enjoy your images.
🕐 10-22-15 5:04 PMmitresg
I don't know how to do it. I like its simplicity, peace though. Beautiful.
🕐 10-20-14 3:56 PMnorthwest
Nice simple image.
Enjoyable to view.
🕐 08-6-14 6:33 PMfriedeye
Moissons dans les Flandres
Hope you got out of the way. Nicely done.
🕐 08-4-14 4:39 PMphotosphere42
Moissons dans les Flandres
Great image...Well done! I like the presentation.
🕐 08-4-14 9:21 AMrsd
Moissons dans les Flandres
Great shot!
🕐 08-4-14 4:08 AMced
Moissons dans les Flandres
S, Very Nice Image! Love the reflections.
🕐 07-11-14 3:31 PMdiaduck
Chat roux
It's really interesting to see him in color - I love this cat of yours, and he looks much more approachable with the golden fur....BW seemed to give him the King of the Roost effect (which he probably is). Nicely done.
🕐 07-11-14 3:29 PMdiaduck
Snow Queen
Soft and delicate flower, photographed to perfection.
🕐 05-23-14 6:45 AMelliebelle
Snow Queen
Delicate and beautiful image in every way.
🕐 11-19-13 9:16 AMphotosphere42
Le Canigou-Pyrénées Orientales
I love the atmosphere. Well done!
🕐 09-30-13 11:34 AMskogkatt59
Tendresse féline
Merci beaucoup pour ce commentaire Diane.
🕐 09-29-13 4:55 PMdiaduck
Tendresse féline
One of these (I'm guessing the one facing away from us) must be the lovely, dignified Maine Coon cat from previous images - this is so sweet and charming, Eric - you get great photos of these wonderful creatures.
🕐 09-19-13 2:43 PMranahki
Wonderful photo of a vicious looking cat.
🕐 08-9-13 10:15 PMskogkatt59
Merci beaucoup Diane.
🕐 08-9-13 2:23 PMdiaduck
Splendid image, with a touch of humor - the cow looks amazingly alert, and the composition is great.
🕐 06-18-13 1:18 PMdierk
deserves to be printed on canvas!
🕐 06-18-13 1:17 PMdierk
Maine Coon
look into these eyes - reminds me of my cat
🕐 06-11-13 6:07 AMskogkatt59
Fleur de pavot
Merci cndg
popflash photo

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