Comments for Enrico Pocopagni

🕐 02-29-12 9:12 AMenrico.pocopagni
S. Fruttuoso
Thank you! Water is only a few steps at my back in this thumbnail sized beach in front of S. Fruttuoso abbey.
🕐 02-27-12 9:30 PMcancan
S. Fruttuoso
very nice
where has the water gone ?
🕐 02-3-12 1:19 AMenrico.pocopagni
Much appreciated, thank you!
🕐 02-3-12 1:18 AMenrico.pocopagni
Mysterious traveller (in memory of Carlo Aymonino)
thank you very much!
🕐 02-2-12 9:56 PMcancan
Mysterious traveller (in memory of Carlo Aymonino)
good 1
🕐 02-2-12 9:28 PMioss
Beautiful Enrico! So soft! Congratulations!
🕐 02-2-12 11:40 AMenrico.pocopagni
Thank you very much. That sunset was actually impressive, its strange violence took me aback; a light explosion like a small apocalypse. I don't think I rendered it properly.
🕐 02-2-12 11:20 AMdiaduck
Incredible image - wonderfully ethereal. Love the color gradations.
🕐 01-28-12 11:00 AMenrico.pocopagni
Thank you very much. It's evening light.
🕐 01-28-12 2:23 AMsol
A wonderful color!
🕐 01-26-12 11:05 AMenrico.pocopagni
Genoa Aquarium at dusk, 100 footsteps away from my home.
It seems like there is a common feeling for color and texture in our images.
Yours really impressed me when I signed in before yesterday, especially the rusty, quasi-symmetrical compositions with electrical devices. They recall me Dada paintings.
Thank you very much for your generosity, and excuse my bad english; I'm italian...I know, no one is perfect.


🕐 01-26-12 9:45 AMdiaduck
Very nice set of photos - your color work is marvelous, along with interesting compositions - both of which are expressed beautifully in this particular image.
popflash photo
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